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Jan 10, 2008
Article marketing if done correctly can be a very powerful promotional and advertising resource, as it allows you to reach prospective customers in a number of ways. This might be people subscribing to your opt in list or newsletter or visiting your content page through a link. If you follow the right path this can be achieved very quickly and on a large scale. Article marketing as a means of website promotion has been and continues to be very popular. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge of a particular area of interest. At the same time, you are able to give to your readers useful and entertaining information and best of all it is free of charge.

By including a link to your website or business opportunity in these articles you will receive the benefit of a backline if they decide to use the content provided in your articles on their web sites, along with some valuable free traffic which has cost you nothing. It is possible in some cases for a good quality article to remain high in the search engines for a long time

You may decide to purchase the rights to articles that allow you to claim authorship. It may be that others are using the same content or variations on it, but all said and done your resource box is added to the foot of the article. There are a large number of directories that will allow you to submit your article, even if it isn't 100% original. This is fine for quick exposure but it is always better to write your own unique content if possible.

Intriguing content is essential when using article marketing as a means of internet promotion. The resource box which you add to the bottom of every article is hugely important in terms of advertising your product or service. This is where you insert all your contact information and provides a brief overview, all in the space of a few lines.

If your article is written to promote a product, or an affiliate program that is closely related to the content of your article, the likelihood of getting a click through are increased. Many article directories may delete your article if you try to promote an unrelated product and it will not help your standing in the search engines.

Try to keep your reader interested from start to finish. From your opening paragraph, use real life situations that the reader can relate to. Use good descriptions and metaphors to emphasise your point. Include interesting and relevant facts and figures where appropriate, as this will help to give authority to your article. You should Use questions and statements that include keywords that readers are searching for. Titles or headers should describe your articles content whilst at the same time being short and concise.

An often overlooked benefit of article marketing is the growing popularity of RSS feeds. If you can get your article syndicated on an RSS feed, with the correct keyword optimization, your articles will appear in the search engines. Because search engines look for fresh content and because RSS feeds are dynamic in their ability to frequently update, and with a suitable nudge from pinging services, the search engines will spider this type of content more frequently than Static web pages. This means that your articles should not take as long to get listed.

Many people struggle to produce quality articles which means that demand for content is huge. If you find that you have a talent for article writing you may consider combining some of your work into an e-book which can be sold, or just given away to promote your website or affiliate programs. Many people sell these types of products on sites such as Clickbank where affiliates will market the product for you in return for a commission. It is not necessary to write a massive amount of content as buyers are more concerned with quality than quantity.
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