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What Is Your Melaleuca Marketing Strategy?

Jan 10, 2008
Here's another big lie circulating in MLMs, Melaleuca, Inc. included - the market is saturated. You might have heard it from a former distributor who's looking for any reason that would explain his failure. In fact, you may have even heard it from your upline.

Get that thought out of your mind! The market is not saturated and in fact, there is no such thing. The real problem is that Melaleuca network marketers keep using the same old tricks and techniques to supposedly "hook" people into their business. What's really saturated or rather, overused is the ineffective prospecting methods which have gained this business a notoriously negative perception.

The reason people believe that the market is saturated is because they resort to using the same old techniques for marketing - posting flyers, approaching family and friends, posting signs on telephone poles. Know that potential customers are not tired of the products or of the opportunity - how can you get tired of something that you know nothing about? Your potential clients only think they know what your business is about and what they are really tired of is the same old ineffective methods being used on them.

Update your marketing strategy! Flyers and signs may have worked years ago, but times have changed. Using flyers and signs and talking to anyone that passes you also demonstrates the lack of professionalism and how much credibility can you spare as new business owner? Do something new!

MLM Companies say this all the time and Melaleuca, the Wellness Company is no exception - "Everyone can do this business!" This statement implies that there are no skills needed to become a success, but then you read the staggering success rates that Melaleuca, Inc. business has and you're left scratching your head! There are very few distributors who make more than $100 per month in this business! Change your marketing strategy and don't buy into these lies anymore!

Melaleuca also pushes the idea that the products are so good that they sell themselves. While Melaleuca does have great products, distributors are often left thinking that they can rely on the product to make the sale for them. As a result, they don't take the time to learn about the benefits that their products provide much less how they work. The reality is that products never actually sell themselves. Products still need salespeople to "show" them. Prospects still need educated salespeople to match their needs with a potential solution.

Change your marketing techniques! One of the quickest ways you can get your Melaleuca MLM distributorship back on track is to set up a website. A website is great because it is a direct sales machine that operates 24 / 7! You don't even have to be online when prospects and leads start contacting you for more information. Your website can house things like product reviews, benefits and other information about the Melaleuca tea tree oil. You can even use an e-book as a give away for your prospective clientele. There's no limit on what you can do with your direct sales machine!

Operating online is easy! You'll have your links that point your prospects towards Melaleuca.com, but you'll also have a way to contact them for a follow up. Here's another benefit. A lot of the follow up takes the form of auto-responder e-mails so you're not really following up until they are solidly "hooked" into your business!

You might have been told that your Melaleuca home based business will never succeed because you're operating in a saturated market, but hopefully I've shown you that's all a lie! You determine the level of success that your business has and as long as there is still one person that can purchase one product or more products, then the market is not saturated. You will need to update the way you market your products and business opportunity, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be cruising on the path of success because you are finally working your business in a way that you can actually obtain real results! Remember, you determine the real success of your business - not a half-truth or a myth!
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There's not Melaleuca Fraud ! Distributors are just marketing their businesses and Melaleuca Cleaning Product ineffectively! Check out Diane Voisley's Melaleuca blog for helpful sales and marketing training!
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