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What Is A Squeeze Page?

Jan 10, 2008
First let's talk what a squeeze page is. A basic squeeze page is a simple page that plays a powerful role in list building. They have played a vital role in how Internet marketing has evolved recently. In general they have massively increased traffic to their users' websites. Used correctly squeeze pages are a powerful tool in your internet marketing tool box.

Basically a squeeze page gives a small taste of your website to your squeeze page visitor while encouraging them to sign up on your mailing list.

The main elements of squeeze pages are a web form that will send your visitors' information to your autoresponder so that they will automatically be sent information you have promised them or they have requested.

Best practice is to build the page with an alluring title and some information concerning the product or service you offer on your main page. Using all of these features will ensure that more people will sign up on your squeeze requesting more information from you about what you are promoting or offering.

Squeeze pages are meant to be nice looking and very smooth with the intent of having your visitor give you their information so you can send them something ranging from a piece of software or a free report that will be delivered by your autoresponder system automatically.

In a nutshell, you should have an enticing title on a good looking page that conveys to your visitor what you are offering them to sign up and how what you are offering will improve their life or business.

This will be the basis for you building your list. Your squeeze page offers something to get that email address and get them in your system so you can market to them sometime in the future.

If you intend to make money on the internet this is a must have element of your business. By opting in on your squeeze page, your visitor gives you permission to send them email and it will not be considered SPAM. They will always have the opportunity opt out of your email list, this giving them control to end emails you send them if they are no longer interested in what you are offering them.

All of the reputable autoresponder systems that are currently in use utilize the double opt in process. This means your visitor signs up on your squeeze page and then will receive an verification email that will contain a link that they need to click to verify they ok with your sending them emails.

It happens every now and then. People figure out how to bypass your sign up page to try and get your report of product without opting into your list. You can utilize some encryption tools that will prevent this,

I hope you are seeing the advantages of using squeeze pages when marketing your products and services. Now that you see this, you have to take steps to make this happen.

Once you start building a list you want to give your subscribers useful information or products to show good will. You don't want to be a marketer that just hammers your mailing list with offers while never really giving them anything useful. It turns off potential customers and you will lose sales if you beat your list up too bad.
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