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Buying A Used Cnc Router

Jan 10, 2008
Depending on the kind of machine used, a CNC router table is used to cut metals, plastic or wood. This router table also doubles as equipment for engraving. Hence it can also be used for common routing work or making CNC lettering. So from one machine you get more advantage due to the extra double usage facility.

In recent years popularity of this machine for small shops or house use purpose is growing. Demand is steadily increasing as people come to know more about its versatility and precision. To save money most people are opting for used versions of this machine to own it. While a ready-made machine is still costly for many users, one can make one's own by following plans that can be found online. This way you not only save hard-earned money but also according to your requirement can choose the size from 50 by 60 to 15 by 15.

CNC Routers usability

A project that might have taken a long time to accomplish or difficult can be quickly and easily done with CNC routers. It can precisely and accurately create in wood metal inlays and cut out elaborate or complicated designs. All those things that could never be done by hand are easily taken care off.

While making furniture this machine every time produces professional results. You can even set per pass depth for better outcome with the help of the software. Engraving large signs to intricate small letter is easy. Once you get trained how to operate the software, using this handy machine is a walk in the park.

Machines of smaller size can be operated at a general household current of 120 volts. If you have a workshop at your house this is the right choice. Usually the motor uses horsepower of one or two. The new tabletop smaller model is cost friendly at about $7000 as against the larger models costing around $20,000. Though still a bit expensive the used machines cost about $3500 but that gets covered if you produce furniture's to sell.

Getting CNC Router that's used

You save a hefty sum of money if you buy a used CNC router. In comparison to the cost of a new machine, 50% or more gets saved. While shopping take your time and do some research to find out what type would suit your requirement. Buying a used machine will take more time than a new branded one excerpt in case of small shop.

Before buying enquire about what kind of support the company is offering. Some will train you to handle the software while others may help in installation. If this is a new territory for you such type of help are crucial. Take support and advice from professionals. Find a dealer who offers a continuous ongoing support if possible. Manual is crucial, as you will require it for information on maintenance and operating purpose. Make sure you received it.
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