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Why It Is Crucial To Sell Your Job Skills In An Interview

Jan 10, 2008
Emphasis of your skills in a job interview is important to demonstrate to an employer as to why you are different from other candidates. The business world is competitive and companies would like to hire employees most qualified while considering their skill set and what the can offer the company.

Perspective employees could be more recognizable as they demonstrate their areas of expertise, exhibit their power to formulate, and demonstrating their resourcefulness to work easily as a team player.

Skills are grouped into three kinds - knowledge-based, transferable, and personal traits.

Those skills based on experience are knowledge-based. Which also include seminars attended, additional training, educational attainment and other practices that have been studied in your field?

Likewise included in knowledge based skills are communicating and computer skills, producing products, managerial and marketing know how. Contingent which industry you get into the skill degrees expected will deviate for each candidate?

Transferable or portable skills are those you bring to a specific job. This is the reason why interviewers ask, "What could you offer the company?" Transferable skills are important because companies strive to look for quality employees that would improve the development of the workforce.

Problem solving, writing, team leader possibilities, organized, customer service oriented, time and project management, and good with budgeting and numbers and communications skills are also referred to as portable skills. This type of experience is going vary each job candidate.

When an employer asks you the question 'Tell me something about yourself', they are trying to determine your personal traits. Don't take this question lightly as it will determine the tone for the rest of the interview to follow.

So what are good personal traits? Those would include being goal oriented, well organized, analytical and creative. Be modest and try to sell yourself in the time available in your interview.

Self-assessment. In order to provide an impressive presentation, examine your resume and list all the skills you have used for each past job experience. Make a comprehensive list of your skills and strengths including personal traits, knowledge-based and transferable skills. This would be the basis for your personal commercial.

Once you completed updating your CV and you acknowledge all your strong points, you will be ready a job interview. Companies would like to know what you've accomplished, how well you did it and how well you can deliver that data.

Emphasizing all of your strengths and skills on job interviews would increase your chances of landing the desired job.
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