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Netaudioads Pay Per Play (PPP Advertising) Bids Begin February, 2008

Jan 10, 2008
While spring begins to unfold, so will the new and updated technology being released by NetAudioAds called Pay Per Play (PPP advertising). That's right. The successful product they released just over 2 years ago is expanding and moving forward. The new bidding process will begin in February of 2008. Meanwhile, NetAudioAds needs to expand it's user base and get ready for the hopeful explosion in clients.

So What is Pay Per Play?

Pay Per Play is the way of the future in advertisement and marketing. Just as television was rocked when cable became a commodity, both television and cable are being rocked by the internet which has affected marketing. As consumers spend more time on the internet and less time watching television and cable for entertainment, commercials and cable ads lose their efficacy. Pay Per Play (PPP advertising) offers marketers and advertisers a way to take their business to the internet--where people are, boosting ad generation, sales and consumer satisfaction.

Pay Per Play are quality, 5 second audio ads that are embedded into website owner's pages whose content is related to the ad. For example, a popular Harley Davidson blogger would have a 5 second audio ad about Harley Davidsons on his site. The website owner then gets paid for every visitor who hears that ad and the visitor, rather than being forced to sit through 2 minutes of storytelling about a product they most likely would never use, hears a 5 second ad or slogan about a product they were probably already looking for!

How Does Pay Per Play Benefit me as a Website Owner?

Pay Per Play is like Google Adsense but better. See, Google pays their website owners for every CLICK a visitor makes on their ads. You know what it's like when you're surfing--if you're looking at a site about good looking women, are you going to click on a business card ad? No. You ignore the dancing card and get back to the website.
NetAudioAds pays their website owners every time someone loads a page with the audio ad embedded into it. In other words, when a visitor goes to visit a popular, sponsored site, they automatically hear a 5 second ad related to the content they are looking for and the owner of the site with the audio ad gets paid. No clicking, just a quick listen.

How Does Pay Per Play Benefit Me as a Small Business Owner Who Needs To Market?

Currently Pay Per Play ads are only created and reserved for big business with a budget for marketing but NetAudioAds is expanding and will soon make room for Small Business as well. In fact, it's all underway and should be monitored closely for.

Are Ads the Only Way I Earn With NetAudioAds?

There are several ways you can earn with NetAudioAds. Not only are website owners paid for every visitor who hears an ad, but also for referrals and the referrals of your referrals. In essence, as the program grows and expands, your income with NetAudioAds improves.

You can also opt for the quality 30 second audio ads for more specific marketing. The 30 second ads pay much more than the 5 second ads and are great strategies for exit pages and marketing sections set aside for them.

How Did The Changes In Television and Cable Affect Advertising?

Not only did marketers hang themselves by continually releasing ridiculous ads and commercials that were too long and badly written, but television networks grew too quickly, requiring heavy income to support themselves. This directly affected commercials, making them expensive and a necessity to run their studios. Eventually the ads were too long and there were just too many. The dent in advertisement's reputation seems permanent as the success of ads on television dwindles. Altogether, the change in the way people spend their time has affected thousands of jobs and will affect many more unless marketers change their tactics. Pay Per Play will help advertisement make the change by taking advertisement and marketing to the internet under the right premises.

With the addition of DVRs to millions of homes, another obstacle was created for advertisers. Apparently over 90% of the millions of people who have DVRs in their homes say that they fast forward through the commercials unless they've heard that it's 'a good one'. This is horrible news for the thousands of people who work hard to put those ads together, bad as they may be, and hope to do it again. But with Pay Per Play bringing advertisement to the internet, there are new opportunities in the field of marketing. It's up to you to be a part of it.

How Has Pay Per Play Become So Successful Already?

Like any other social network, Pay Per Play (PPP advertising) grows as it gains new clients and more website operators and owners. Essentially, as the number of people who make the switch from television to internet grows, so do the number of advertisers on the web and the number of website owners who boast the ads.

In other words, if Maria likes to blog about her amazing adventures as a freelance photographer, which essentially helps bring in new clients from magazine companies looking for stock photos, soon Maria's friends will want to blog about their talents as well. Imagine that Maria also placed 5 second Pay Per Play ads on her site that marketed related material to her viewers. Now Maria is also making money on her blog that brags her talent and it continues to grow. Not to mention the advertisers are happy that people who have interests in photography are hearing their ads!

Tell Me More About Pay Per Play

NetAudioAds and Pay Per Play have been running for over 2 years and have over 66,000 advertisers and marketers. Pay Per Play is used on over 550,000 websites and up to 43 million impressions of the ads each month.

Pay Per Play ads only play once for the visitor. This eliminates visitor agitation and keeps the intrusion at a minimum. It also boosts the effectiveness of the ad. Since the visitor is being informed by the ad of a product they are already familiar with, they are more likely to respond in a positive way to the quality ad.

NetAudioAds has grown so much that they recently had to bring on one of the 5 largest search engines to keep things running smoothly. Now they have the ability to serve billions and with 907 million people online every day, 97% of which have speakers on their computers, this is the world's largest advertising forum ever.

If you don't own a website but would like to, whether it's a blog about a specific interest you have or a website you want to create a business with, NetAudioAds will help. They also train those who want to build a website but don't have the computer skills for it. And the program is completely free!

On February 1st, 2008, the bidding wars will begin. The more website owners who are members of the program, the more money involved for all parties. And the happier the consumers are with simple 5 second ads that are related to where they visit. It's a win/win situation with Pay Per Play.
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