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Encourage Customers To Tan All Year Long

Jan 10, 2008
All year tanning can benefit a person physically and mentally. Too many people don't realize the benefits that going to a tanning salon offer them. They don't make the connection when they stop going that some of their mood changes and stress are directly related. As an owner of a tanning salon, it is your job to make sure your customers are well aware of these benefits. It is going to benefit you as well in the way of profits.

It is unrealistic to expect everyone on your customer list to continue tanning in the fall and winter months. It is also unrealistic to expect them to do it for the same price they paid over the summer when your tanning equipment was in demand all the time. Think of great deals you can offer your customers so they will be impressed enough to come in all year long.

You may want to offer an even better price if they pay for tanning by the year instead. This way they can still come in and take advantage of what you have to offer. Even tanning twice a week can help them maintain a nice color. The will likely have holiday events to attend and a nice color of skin can help them shine in their elegant clothing for the occasion.

The cost of tanning during the off season should be half price or just a little bit more. It is understandable that you still have overhead costs including equipment and electricity. However, the additional benefit of people using the tanning equipment instead of remaining empty means some additional cash flow. If you try to charge full price it is very likely that they will just be sitting empty until they warmer weather rolls around again.

Winter time can bring on negative feelings, aches and pains, and mood changes. This is due to the fact that there isn't as much sunlight for a person to be exposed to. It may be dark when you get up in the morning and that is always harder than when the sun is shining into your window. You likely won't spend as much time outdoors during the day due to the cold. It can get dark really early too due to the time change so you may not get any time for sunlight after you leave work.

Exposure to UV rays from indoor tanning during the winter months can help keep these feelings of winter blues at bay. It can help you to feel better physically and mentally. Some researchers even think indoor tanning during the winter can help to boost the immune system.

Tanning all year long can help reduce stress levels as well. With the fast pace most of us move at, it is no wonder that stress gets the best of us sometimes. This can lead a person to feel very irritable, unhappy, and struggle with their daily tasks. Keep your customers informed about the benefits of tanning when it comes to helping them relieve stress.

You may have your own ideas about how to encourage customers to tan all year long. The more of them you can get onboard the more money your business will make. Even though you should have saved enough during the busy season to cover expenses, there is really no reason to allow your business to remain empty most of the time during this part of the year. Offer great deals and you will see more people committing to all year tanning.
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Betty P Davis writes about the ups and downs of the spa and tanning business. You can avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they open a tanning spa.
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