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Making Passive Income with Residual Affiliate Marketing

Jan 11, 2008
People start their business in affiliate marketing for various reasons. However, the most popular reason may probably that they would like to make passive income steadily. It will even be more excellent if they can do it without putting a lot of effort on it. In fact, it can be done under the framework of residual affiliate marketing.

Normally, when you join an affiliate program, you will put the affiliate links on your website. When a visitor to your site follows the link to the service provider and make some purchases, you will get a portion of the profit.

It will be a bit different if it is a residual affiliate marketing program. One of the major characteristic of such programs is that they will new the customers to renew their membership if they would like to continue to use the services. And you can also get paid when the member renew their subscription. This is the beauty of residual programs. You will have a chance to make passive income steadily once you direct your visitors to the service providers.

At this point you will understand that how you can make passive income without putting any effort on it. There are plenty of affiliate programs which are of the residual nature and you can join these programs in order to make money steadily.

Yet it is not totally guaranteed that you can make money steadily. You will only get the commission for the first month of subscription if the members cancel the subscription. And whether they will cancel the services will depend on the quality of the products and services. As you may know, you will have no control on the products and services.

However, you are able to choose which program to join. You can join programs that offer excellent services or products to the customers. In this case the chance of cancelling subscriptions will be lower. Consequently, you should only like to websites which provide quality services.

At the very beginning, you can join programs which sell vitamins or medicines. They are usually of higher price and the companies behind will be more likely to be well branded. And the will ensure that the members to keep using the services or products.

Of course it will be impossible to really make money without doing anything thing. You will need to work a bit at the first stage in order to attract the visitors to subscribe. After you have done that, you can really sit back and make money without doing anything.
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