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Tips on Increasing Your Number of RSS Readers

Jan 11, 2008
Whenever you are putting a blog together there are always many concerns - including whether or not someone will read it. One way that you can guarantee to get your fair share of hits is by offering a RSS feed to your readers. Keep in mind that there are a few things you can do to get a large amount of subscribers to your RSS feed quickly and easily. By putting forth a bit of effort on your part, you could very easily increase your RSS subscriber numbers.

The first step on your to do list is to place an icon and subscription details at the very top of your page. Place it in one of the most obvious places. Besides placing an icon, you should invite all readers to subscribe to your RSS feed at the bottom of every single post that you make. This is easily done by adding it in your blog template. If you are constantly providing good and useful information, you should never have a problem with people wanting to subscribe.

Another idea is to offer your services as a guest blogger for other people's blogs. As long as you are writing for someone else, there is no harm in mentioning your own blog. There is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn when writing for someone else. If readers enjoy what you have written, they are more likely to visit your own blog and read more.

What can you do if don't have any offers to guest blog for a different blog? One idea is to leave plenty of good comments on other blogs. If you are constantly leaving good comments, people will notice what you have to say. Don't forget to add a link to your own blog so they have a reference of where to look for more great information. Just try to make it tactful. Think of the type of comments you want left on your own blog before you leave yours.

Another good idea could be to offer free products such as e-books, audio conferences and e-courses for everyone who subscribes. You may have a better response and some might join just for the free gift. But, if you can keep them wanting to read more and more, they will probably stick with their subscription.

You may also want to offer an e-mail subscription for those who would like to just receive e-mails. This may increase your subscription numbers dramatically because many people like to save time by just receiving an e-mail. This should not be difficult to set up and it will send out an e-mail to all of the people on list for every single post that you make on your blog.

There are many different things that you can do to up your numbers when it comes to the RSS feed subscribers. The main thing to remember is that they all might not work for you. You just need to find what works best for you and see what gives you the best results.
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