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Using Articles for SEO Purposes

Jan 11, 2008
Chances are that you aren't maintaining your website and actinic SEO just for fun. Few people do that these days; that is what personal web pages are for. Most people start websites with the idea of profiting from it somehow. Perhaps they are setting up AdSense websites and hope to make some money from advertisements. Perhaps they are selling an item and would like to increase their search engine rankings with good content?

There are too many people out there spouting the phrase Content is King, but few people know what it really means. Content really is King, but not the way that people seem to be saying. Using articles for SEO purposes is not about plastering your sticker all over the internet; it is about fixing a problem or answering a question and gaining valuable back links in the process. What webmaster doesn't love links back to their site? After you have the articles it is just a matter of using them correctly, and actinic SEO can help you to employ this.

Using articles is a great way to increase the number of quality links to your page, but it is also a great way to increase your Page Rank and actinic SEO at the same time. Ideally, a webmaster will get a PR1 or a PR2 but it can be very difficult to do this without using articles for back links. In many cases, the articles are a matter of increasing links back but people don't use them enough for their websites. This is because not everybody has the gift of writing; just because they have the ability to create a website doesn't mean they can fill it with content. Even so, who would want to deal with writing when you have a website to build? This is when it becomes necessary to hire a ghost writer.

The rules of actinic SEO don't require that a person hire a ghost writer to create content for them but it may be necessary to see how much the services of one would be to fill your site with content and possibly create valuable content for it as well. It is not always possible to get everything you need at the price you want to pay for content, but most article writers are willing to negotiate. Actinic SEO and article writing go hand in hand and can help to create valuable links and create search engine placement.
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