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Jan 11, 2008
Someone Finally Makes Sense Out Of Creating Your Own Information Products!

I have made a decent amount of money selling other peoples info products and ebooks, but I have finally discovered where the real money is...my own info products and ebooks.

I realized that by the same effort, I could be selling my own info product or ebook and receiving 100% of the sale instead of a measly 40% - 50% of the sale. Now don't get me wrong, I have made good money with this approach and I have in most peoples eyes a pretty good life.

I had no idea how to create a professional looking info product, let alone how to get it to market or how to place it for sale online. I am pretty good at selling other peoples info products and ebooks, but I was in the dark when it came to creating my own and to say that I am a computer techy is far from the truth. I can send an email, and type a word document, but that is about the extent of it.

I had absolutely no idea what on earth I was going to write about!

However, not to be perturbed, I set about trying to find someone that could teach me how create my own information product and get it up on the internet. Well, I did find a few ebooks, so I bought the two that looked most likely to be of help.

O.K. so I am thinking to myself that this whole ebook thing is for the people who have tons of money that can hire out all this work. Needless to say, I was feeling really down. Here I was with big dreams and desires and I could not find any help on the net about doing this.

When I got to the point of just giving up, I was directed to site that offered everything I was wanting...I scrolled quickly to the bottom of the page to order the product when I saw the price...$1,247.00! I don't think so cowboy. You must be dreaming. I can't justify spending that kind of money on one program.

Madness! I was trying to end up making money and there was no way I could afford that sort of price. I carried on searching and eventually came across a site that grabbed my attention straight away. "The 6 Week Course That Is Changing People's Lives!" was the sub headline!

So I clicked on it and it took me to Roy's site. I could identify with the him on his story so it was like he was just talking to me. It was another course on how to create your own information product and start making real money. It was a step-by-step approach which I definetly needed.

And, when compared to the other course I had seen, the best part was the price! It looked very affordable, especially considering what I would be making in the future from being able to create as many ebooks and info products as I liked. I went ahead and bought the course.

I bit the bullet, bought the affordable program and followed lesson one down to the very letter. I eagerly awaited lesson 2 in my email folder and could not wait to get going on this...all I could see was dollar figures. This was the most amazing simple step-by-step approach ever created.

I finished the course and on my desktop was a completed ebook in an area that I had little knowledge about and it was tailored to a very tight niche. I will be releasing it for publication in the next few days.

In my process of searching for this product, I knew that there were thousands of people looking for ways to create their own information product and ebook.
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When you are serious about creating your own ebooks or information products then you need to check out the the 6 week course here. You get a lesson every week and you will be creating your own ebooks and information products in six weeks or less.
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