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How To Write A Good Blog Post and Get Free Traffic From It

Jan 11, 2008
Posting in your blog is really a matter of style. You do not have to become Truman Capote to be a good blogger. There are a few things that you should do from an SEO standpoint no matter what your style is.

Here is how to write a good blog post and get the search engines promoting you for free.

Did you know that as your blog becomes an authority blog you can find yourself on page one of Google in a few hours or days. To become an authority blog just takes a little time and effort on your part.

It all starts with how you structure the words on the page.

1. Your title

You want your title to contain long tail keyword phrases that directly relate to the theme of your article. The theme of the article should be relevant to the theme of your blog. Use a good keyword research tool and find 3-5 word phrases. Then type them in the title as close to the first word as possible. You may go so far as to title the article with the keyword phrase only.

2. The body

In the first paragraph type your keyword phrase as close to the front as possible. Bold it to really drive home what this article is about. Bold it again in the closing paragraph as some search engines spider from the bottom up.

Make your article interesting. Do not just go recycle other people's articles. Put a little thought into what you are saying. You can avoid Google's duplicate content penalty by only adding fresh content to your blog post.

3. Hyperlink another keyword phrase to a previous blog post or even your home page to do some internal linking. This will drive traffic to other sections of your site. You may want to hyperlink to a sales page of something you sell as well.

4. Tag your post

Use words that a search engine would see as relevant to what you posted about. Use your primary keyword here for sure.

5. Ping your post then social bookmark

Get your articles online to blog directories via pinging your post. WordPress blogs can be set up with a list to ping automatically. If not them use something like Ping-O-Matic to quickly ping your post.

Bookmark your post to various social directories like Digg and Netscape. OnlyWire is a quick way to submit to multiple directories with one click.

If you write a good article and get it posted correctly you will soon find yourself attracting traffic. This can be done quickly and you will derive search engine traffic as well.
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