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Understanding Delivery Against Acceptance

Jan 11, 2008
In today's financial industry there exists a term that several investors may not have heard about, but are still very familiar with the process. This particular term is labeled as delivery against acceptance, or can in many instances be labeled as delivery versus payment. No matter how you call it, both financial terms have the exact same meaning. When a person or business makes purchases on certain assets or supplies, they only make the necessary payments once they have received what they ordered.

As as specific delivery initially comes to its ending point, the consumer must then make the necessary payment for the securities that he or she has purchased. This practice is fairly common in the business world and provides buyers with the assurance and protection that they will ultimately receive what they initially purchased. It also eliminates a lot of risk that the buyer might encounter if they had to pay upfront for the items or securities that were obtained.

This particular trading technique is very similar to the analogy of getting a pizza from a local delivery company. You make the order over the phone, but instead of paying with a credit card over the phone, you make the payment as soon as the pizza gets to your house. Then you are able to make sure that you receive exactly what you ordered before you pay for something that is not right.

Buyers usually utilize this particular approach for the fact of past experiences in the past where they have ordered something unique and have not received exactly what they were wanting. Either that or there was a mistake made on their order and they ended up losing quite a bit of money on something that they did not want. Delivery against acceptance allows consumers to save their money until they know that they are getting exactly what they ordered.

It is a positive technique for people to use and helps consumers to build up trust with various companies that they would like to work with. If trust is built up between different companies, then more consumer trading will occur and the overall growth of the economic industry will constantly grow. Delivery against acceptance has existed for several years and continues to help businesses thrive in today's society.

Probably the most effective way of regulating good communication with consumers of a business is through the process of delivery against acceptance. This method helps the customers to know that their comments are valuable to the overall success of the company and shows that there is an open communication between them and the leaders of the company. With consumer feedback on the products they receive, a company can make the necessary changes and adjustments that will help increase the success of the business.

An additional reason that delivery against acceptance assists businesses in communicating well with consumers is through the use of actions. If you say that you are going to do something for the company, then do exactly what you said you would do. This helps the consumers to build their trust in you and quickly opens up the ways of communication between you and them.
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