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Fast Email Marketing: 7 Key Ways to Email Marketing

Jan 11, 2008
Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing mediums that is being used by millions of webmasters. In this article you will find powerful and no-nonsense tips on how you can succeed in this method.

1. Get your potential client's permission before sending them newsletters. Otherwise, you are risking of losing potential customers and getting spam complaints. You can easily get your client's permission through the use of squeeze page or by giving away freebies in exchange of your clients' contact information. Or you can buy an opt-in list, which is basically a list of people who wants to be emailed about certain products.

2. Keep your email message short. Don't take too much of your client's time by communicating your ideas upfront. If you are selling your products, then be direct about it. Highlight your product's benefits and features and call to action. Eliminate fillers and stop beating around the bush.

3. Make your email more appealing. Offer your readers freebies or discount if they will take advantage of your offer. Nobody wants to miss free stuffs so this will definitely encourage them to buy from you.

4. Personalize your emails. Use your customers name when addressing them. This makes them feel that the email message was solely created for them. There are several sites that can help you create your email marketing system, so go ahead and search around until you find one that fits for you.

5. Avoid using words that are highly associated with spam. $$$, earn $500 overnight, etc. are some of the symbols and phrases that trigger the spam filters. If you want your emails to be read, identify the words that can get your email into trouble and avoid using them at all cost.

6. Embed your website's URL on your message. To make it easier for your potential readers to visit your website, insert its link on the body of your email. Another alternative is to add it underneath you email signature.

7. Make sure that your message is well-written. Readers can easily get disappointed when they are presented with an email that needs careful thinking before it can be fully understood. To avoid this from happening, make sure that your emails are easy to understand and free from any errors. So in other words, make sure to proofread.

Go ahead and try these 7 tips and you will start to see an increase in sales.
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