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Search Engine Marketing Thinking Outside the Box

Jan 11, 2008
With search engine marketing, momentum is everything. Which momentums are you establishing that define your business as a whole.

Are you consistent in your marketing message? (or is it diffused) If you have a blog, do you post frequently on a schedule? (or just when you feel like it) What about building links (when you want to or consistently because you need to in order to maintain a high ranking profile in search engines).

Does your behavior delve beyond the external activities (of the day to day) and aspire to the long-term holistic goal? Are you performing maintenance to keep in good standings with the latest search engine algorithms or trends in search? (or are you just settling for the traffic you have?).

Although each industry is unique, human behavior on the other hand is not, you either blazing a path to the top, or someone else is and you are simply a bump in the road as they skim past you. At least in regard to search engines and top 10 rankings.

Creating a distinct rhythm that you maintain for administering daily tasks spawned from the cycles of creation, maintenance and refinement are the distinct factors that either place your business in a category of it's own (as a leader) or make it a mere shadow to the competition who has mastered the holistic application of effortless administration. You must transcend motivation with action and make consistent commitments in order to stay ahead of the inertia.

The old saying that the competition never sleeps is essentially summarizes the need to stay busy, and like a stone rolling down a hill, momentum can be an unstoppable force if you can harness the cycles of search engines properly.

Everything is based on cycles, from the circulation of the heart rate to the rising and setting of the sun. People are comfortable with consistency, and if your business defines such characteristics, then you will consistently be on the upward swing of the cycle as it gains momentum and dynamically generates a buzz in whatever industry you call home.

Finding a way to translate theories into activities that have the underpinnings of productivity with purpose is the objective. If you only do things as a result of others beating you to the punch, such an existence is almost guaranteed to be riddled by stress, an overly competitive nature and compulsive behavior.

Whereas if the unbridled energy found a home through consistent activities with structure, you would essentially be neutralizing one negative behavior by eclipsing it with a more suitable source to vent your tactics.

For example, if you know you have traction for a certain term in search engines, defend it. Build 3-5 links a day from new sources to add link diversity and keep the competition at bay.

If you know your site is lacking traffic, then focus on quality and hone your pitch or create link bait to reel in some social media to give your site a lift.

Doing nothing is not a solution, it is a reaction to a flawed behavior, taking action in the face of adversity on one hand can indicate the magnitude of your resolve, but more importantly realizing that not to act is an action in itself and by sitting idly by as your market share is being whittled away by a savvy competitor is not the solution to building a successful momentum.

Plan for the best, but be prepared for the worst, keep your resources protected, mix it up a bit and don't be afraid to try new things and most of all take action consistently daily and you will see the benefit of the fruit of your labor. Anything else, is mere entropy by contrast.

Nine times out of ten, the only thing holding you back from achieving your goal, (a top 10 ranking, 10,000 visitors a month, 200 sales, etc.) is your technique, and as long as your willing to realize that there is more than one way to accomplish a goal, and your way is not always the best way, then a new option, path or momentum is inevitable.

If it's all about the it factor, you can be jealous of others for facing their individual and collective challenges and setting the tone of the niche (the competitor everyone loves to hate) or you can be that it factor (in your industry) and have others reacting to your daily manifestations. Ultimately the choice is up to you.

In conclusion, instead of sitting here reading this, think outside the box and know that if content is king and all you have to do is have an angle, understand the importance of relevant content to keywords, hone your message to your target audience and have the ability to generate a media buzz, the rest will happen naturally.

Understand that the actions that you take today can transform and ripple into massive waves of links, articles and industry expertise that can carry your brand forward for years to come while delivering high volumes of quality inbound traffic, notoriety and website momentum.
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Jeffrey L. Smith is an seasoned search engine optimization expert and founder of Seo Design Solutions Search Engine Marketing Services . Jeffrey has been involved in internet marketing since 1995 and brings fresh optimization methods and marketing solutions to businesses seeking organic search engine placement.
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