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How To Build Content Rich Websites

Jan 11, 2008
Question: "What makes your website attractive to the website visitor?"
Answer: The content your website provides, of course!

Though, you might spend several hundreds on advertising your website, even pay for the services of the best Internet marketing firm, employ viral marketing tools, and devise attractive affiliate marketing programs and offers. But if your website doesn't have rich content, the traffic spikes that you experience from all your marketing efforts will simply be transient. Because only content that is informative, educational, useful, interesting, and relates to the end user will be able to retain the viewers better than anything else.

Therefore, if you want to ensure the lasting success of your website, then its imperative you build a content rich website. A website that has a varied and interesting range of informative content is bound to be a big hit with not just the viewers but also the search engines and web spiders. Of course, there is nothing to be daunted about, creating a content rich website is simple and easy but does require some amount of research and understanding. Let us guide you on how you can create your own content rich website.

Three Ways to Build Content Rich Websites:

1. Be disciplined and committed
2. Regularly Update your website
3. Learn how to create rich content, or know where to find it

Discipline and Commitment

The first step towards building content rich websites is to have tunnel vision and sharp focus. Simply said: self discipline and complete commitment. It's very easy to get distracted and waste several hours browsing your way from one website to another in quest to finding good and informative content. However, you should limit your online excursions to only those sites and resources that offer your content suitable for the subject of your website. Don't go collecting and collating information that may be irrelevant and unsuitable to the demands of your business.

Regularly Update your Website

Wanted a crowded house? Then update your website as regularly as possible! Modifying your website's content will give you an edge over your competition. Its human psyche to explore novel and unique ideas; so if you have something new on your site, people will visit it and enjoy each such sojourn.

In order to build a content rich website or websites, your content should implore the user to contribute and add value. When updating your website, ask your users to comment on the changes and make suggestions for further improvement and enhancement.

Learning to Create Your Content

This is a very crucial step when build valuable website content. Delve into the psyche of your audience and try to work out what they really want. As a start, you can visit websites offering similar services/products as yours for ideas. You need to know exactly what your audience wants for it then becomes easy for you to decide about which type of content will best serve the needs of your business as well as the viewers and how you should go about creating it. Some of the content features you can add on your website are:

* Editorials
* Full length Feature articles
* Latest News clips/stories
* Blog
* Announcements/Press Releases
* Interviews
* Interactive features - polls, feedback, discussion groups, forums, chat etc.

Editorials - are the opinions of an expert or experts in the market you cater to. Editorials are good as they solicit user response and give your viewers an opening to make their views be heard and read.

Full-length Feature Articles - are an excellent form of rich and vibrant content. You can have long, short, or technical articles depending on the nature of your website. Articles also help with search engine rankings and page rank.

Latest News - you can provide relevant and latest news related to your website on a regular basis. This will prompt users to visit your site regularly.

Blog - a fantastic way to interact with your audience. A blog will help you and your audience to connect with each other and put forth your views without prejudice.

Announcement/Press Releases/Interviews/ Interactive features - all contribute in their own ways to help build a website rich in content.

An open minded approach to fresher ideas and suggestions and an attitude that promulgates change will take you a long way in building content rich websites that never lose their appeal!
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