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What Makes A Home Based Entrepreneur?

Aug 17, 2007
I have studied most of the top Internet Marketing gurus / affiliate program professional / Network Marketers all of those home-based entrepreneurs fit a certain profile or demographic if you will. This articles talks about some of these character attributes. Read carefully and see if you have some or all of these traits.

A strong desire to be successful in a home-based business is the key to everything. In order to do this, I start by setting realistic goals such as how much money do I want to make, how many hours do I want to spend earning this money. Do I want to quit my job or work part time?

Next comes planning. I must plan for my future, and start the process of working to make that future happen. One must be well organized. What does this include? Paying attention to detail is a most. If you do things half ass you will get the same results. Make sure you make a list of priorities and then make sure you review these priorities.

You must realize that their will be setback. That is a fact that you can't control. What you can control is how you react to these setbacks by continuing to work toward long-term goals despite these setbacks. If you are the type to close shop and the first sign of adversity, then I suggest not setting up the shop in the first place because you are wasting your time.

The next thing that you must realize is that you are going to make mistakes. Like a very wise hockey coach told me when I was young. You will make mistakes all your life. Mistakes are how we learn and there is nothing wrong with making them" He thought me to take responsibility for my actions and fix mistakes as they happen easily and quickly. I have always kept this advice and it has served me well over the years...

Dr. Ken Evoy of Site Build it fame often says "if it's fun then it's not work" When choosing what your will affiliate it, make sure it is on a topic that you enjoy. If you do not have fun in you net marketing venture, then you may as well stay in your job. It's also important to have specific expertise in the business I want to start.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. You need to learn whatever you need to know to succeed. Like the old man said to Will Smith in I Robot. "You must ask the right questions" What are the right questions? Well, things like do I know my market? What does my market need? Who are my competitors? What do I need to sell my products for? These are all good questions. You are not a know it all and if you know that, you will one they have it all.
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