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Free Online Paid Surveys - Another Scam?

Jan 12, 2008
There are plenty of money making opportunities online with free online paid surveys hailed as one of the simplest and most widely used to earn some quick cash. If you have spent some time searching the web, you probably would have come across dozens of sites that make claims that you can become rich from filling some questionnaires. The truth is, anyone in their sound mind would instantly know it is not possible and these are scams. But a few hundred to thousand dollars is achievable by participating in free online paid surveys.

People actually do make money from doing free online paid surveys. Stay-at-home mums as well as college students are earning some pocket cash from these. As long as you have a realistic view of this income opportunity, there are reliable market research companies you can work with. A few hundred dollars per month would be great for most families as a supplementary income. For the young adults, the money can be used to purchase a new bike, MP3 player or even a computer.

However, don't expect great results from the start. In order to make a satisfactory profit, you will have to find at least a dozen of trustworthy companies, preferably, the ones which offer the highest pay per survey (the sum may vary depending on the type and length of a survey). This will ensure a constant flow of free online paid surveys and, subsequently, your remuneration.

Be cautious while choosing online market research companies. Remember that a genuine one will never ask you to pay for registration. The biggest scam that may happen is - you will pay to join, but will never get any survey offers. At best, you may get a low-pay offer once in a blue moon. A true market research company will need nothing but your honest opinion; the more so, they are interested in paying rather than getting money form you.

Many people feel scammed when they pay to online paid survey directory and expect to see their email box filled with offers, but nothing of the sort follows. It is important to understand that these directories are not the companies which provide these questionnaires.

Basically, when you pay the directory, you are paying for a compiled listing of established market research companies. This saves you a great deal of time going through the internet and checking out each company one by one. With such lists, you can get started with earning a good income as soon as possible.

That said, if you are tight on budget and have a lot of spare time, you can search online for the information about each market research company. Set aside a few weekends and register with each company and test it out. Earning a supplementary income using free online paid surveys can really be profitable and interesting.

If you are keen on making some money quickly from filling a few forms, get started with the companies listed in my money making blog.
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