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Are Corporate Treasure Hunts Good For Morale?

Jan 12, 2008
Is your team feeling in need of revitalising? Do they lack a certain zest? It sounds like it's a very good time to think about a team activity, one that will not only act as a temporary pick me up but will also strengthen and build on team bonds and professional relationships. With so many different types of activities to choose from are corporate treasure hunts a good option? We think they are an excellent option and here's why!

It's very easy for a team to become stagnant, especially in the wetter, darker, colder times of the year. It's this time of year when you need an activity to perk your team up. Corporate treasure hunts are an effective form of team building. They force people up out of their seats, away from their desks and outside into the fresh air. There's a common misconception that you shouldn't host a hunt in the winter months but I'd like to suggest that they can be even more effective then because they break the daily grind of staying indoors!

Good corporate treasure hunts are those that are precision planned. They are not just off the shelf packages that you fit your team into, good hunts fit around you, your desired location and the time of year. In the winter you can effectively write a treasure hunt that features both indoor and outdoor trails, giving your teams the best of both worlds.

So in which way are they good for your teams morale and do they really work? Your group will be split into teams of six to eight people on average, they will work closely together and complete the tasks. If you host quality corporate treasure hunts then they will be written in a style that appeals to different people on different levels meaning that there will be something for everyone to do. Unfortunately, as always, you do get what you pay for and there are treasure hunts that are just trails, you answer questions as you walk around and that's all. With a group of adult professionals this isn't good enough, you need to appeal to everyone and while it's a fun activity you certainly need to challenge your teams if they are going to feel that the activity has been a worthwhile one.

There are many levels of team bonding that occur on your event, communication, time management, collaboration, creativity and so many more, corporate treasure hunts can effectively illicit all of these qualities from your teams.

If you host conferences around the country and your delegates travel to attend, then corporate treasure hunts can be an excellent way of your group actually getting to see the town or city they are in, rather than just sitting in a conference. It's easy to underestimate the impact of this at a conference but our research shows that the conference message has been retained more and in a far more positive manner when teams have been able to experience their surroundings.

So in a nutshell, yes corporate treasure hunts are an excellent tool for boosting team morale!
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