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How To Choose Conference Centres In London

Jan 12, 2008
As the financial capital of Europe, London offers a world-class platform upon which to host a business meeting or event. The depth and variety of the options available in the capital give people looking for a venue a wealth of choice. From large to small and old to new there is no need for anyone looking for a venue to compromise on their choice of venue.

There is something for every event. The only downside of having such a wealth of options is that there are almost too many options. This means making a selection can be extremely difficult as it involves cutting down an enormous list of possibilities. So what do you need to consider when you're looking for a conference centre in London.


One of the primary factors to consider when you're looking for a conference centre in London is the location. London is a fantastic place to wow delegates. With a plethora of world renowned sightseeing attractions it is the perfect city for an international conference. Locating your conference near the London Eye, Big Ben or Buckingham Palace will provide a great talking point for your delegates and will automatically provide you with a memorable event.

Transport Links

It is imperative that you have good access to public transport links. If you are expecting delegates to travel from abroad you will get the best results if you can locate near an airport or a nice hotel.

Delivering a conference to people that have slept well and not had to travel far is much easier than delivering a conference to a group of jet-lagged people that have had to get up at the crack of dawn and fight through the London rush hour crush. Fortunately the transport links in London are impeccable and the venue is likely to be well served. It is also worth considering how your delegates will travel to the event. If they are likely to drive then it would be worth considering a venue outside the London congestion charge zone.


Knowing the size and purpose of your conference is fundamental aspect when choosing your venue. It is vital that your venue is suited to the number of delegates you are inviting. If the venue is too large for the number of delegates it could make the event lack the atmosphere that is required for success.

Alternatively if the venue is too small for the number of delegates it will be a disaster. The best thing you can do as an organiser is to make a concise estimate as to the number of delegates that will attend. Then you must talk the staff at the venue and hey will be able to provide you with accurate feedback on the optimum numbers of people that can attend their venue without damaging the experience.


If you are hosting an event that requires meeting rooms, lecture theatres or specific technological equipment it is vital that you make sure your venue has what you need. Alternatively if you are hosting an event that depends on you demonstrating equipment or using your own hi-spec computer equipment it is vital that you check that the venue has the facilities to make this possible. This may simply be a group of computers on a network or a good power supply.

If you plan to demonstrate the use of machinery at your conference it would be important to notify the venue manager to be sure that it will be covered under the insurance policy.
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