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2008 Wholesale Business e-Commerce Goals: Hurrah?

Jan 12, 2008
It is fantastic to feel the old rush of the starting year in full effect once again. I definitely hope you feel the same way from your e-commerce business goals for what it should be- an extraordinary 2008! Whether you own wholesale businesses, anything related to e-commerce online or married to a lovely spouse and job for several years, you should already have jotted down your own realistic goals for this exciting year no matter how simple and minor the goal may seem.

But before we delve into it, you must definitely do certain things in new ways to positively change. I learned immensely from my own reparable mistakes in 2007 and I would love to have you clapping and saying Hurrah without being a fellow soldier. In order to have 2008 be a great year both in personal and business levels, you have to take a few minutes and completely analyze your 2007 performance and accomplished goals.

What went wrong, what went great, what was new and exciting, what got insane both in personal day levels to day to day business schedules, if indeed you had those. More importantly, what should not be done this year and what could definitely be improved in specific ways in both your personal life and business life?

Once you have this figured out, it will be easier to view how to start producing more from today no matter if your e-commerce business goals are in wholesale or other niche business. There is a market for everyone, a taste for you and me and a unique vision for the remaining days of this year. It starts with the clock, so let me jot down a few more wholesale business goal pointers.

While 2007 was my greatest year ever, I had my share of disappointments personally and professionally. But who else wants to read or hear another boring billion passed story? Not even myself if becoming a nun! So here is what you should consider in your 2008 plans, no matter what kind of beginning you started this year. Here it goes, be specific in what you want in realistic ways.

At least myself, I am already to a great start by completing online e-commerce projects this month and plan to do it on a per month basis. Can you start and finish profitable businesses online in a one month basis? With good communication and a selective planning team, yes you can!

Perhaps this year low season could be a romantic week in earths amazing Chateau Eza inside the French Riviera as a great escape from the average prosciutto, goat cheese monthly habits?

Becoming better with discipline and productivity for more new clientele? Better planning, this weeks before new ideas start pouring in? More adventurists by finding rhythm of salsa, a better cook by reading more on Mr. Emeril recipes, better provider for the good of your own big family? With business or without business, it is the essence of having time work for you instead of having time work you!

Whatever is your goal, review everything and become more specific projects after project for both your personal and business success. Ensure yourself of reading and sticking to your made plans and finally thank yourself later for another accomplished ending day. Wholesale business goals cannot get any easier, now get yourself to work as it is an exciting new year!
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