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Recognizing the Fact That Your Blog Is Low Quality

Jan 12, 2008
When you first start a blog, there are always many concerns that may come to mind but one of the biggest ones may be whether or not the blog will be successful. What will you do if you are your blogs most frequent visitor? How can you really tell if you your blog is terrible? There may be many things that will constitute a bad blog but you will have to be the judge of whether or not yours falls into that category. Remember that most of these ideas are based off different opinions but you can still use these as good suggestions or ways to analyze your blog.

The first place to start looking is at the design of your blog. Does it seem to be exciting or boring, full of lots of great graphics or just have a lot of text? You want your blog to flow from everything from the graphics you choose to the advertisers on your page and the different color scheme that can be found on the page. Try to catch people's eyes but don't be too bright as to blind them with crazy colors or weird graphics. Try to make your blog calm and cool and something that with leave them wanting to read on and scroll down to check out the rest of the blog.

The content on your page should always be meaningful but not too personal. If you want others to take a look at what you did last weekend of the cute things your kids do, a personal blog is perfect for that. Business is business and the content you put on your business blog should be business related. Don't be afraid of making too many posts. And keep your blog posted and up to date with good, fresh topics to keep your readers entertained and asking for more.

If your man concern is about making money and you don't focus on the content and the feel of your page, it is almost a guarantee that you will not make money. Having a blog is just like another business and you should be spending adequate time on it. Don't try and show off your 'expertise' when you make posts but let your readers know that you really know your stuff. Variety on your blog will keep them coming back to read more. When you repeat topics over and over again, it's like beating a dead horse and there is nothing new and exciting about it.

Are you having trouble coming up with new topics? Start a list of some good ideas that you can blog about and focus on them. Network your blog and get your name and what you do out there by sending a link to your new blog to all of your friends. If they like what they see, invite them to share your blog with others. Word of mouth is great publicity and especially when you are first starting out. Just make your blog professional and great and don't ever be afraid to make changes.
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