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Global Resorts Network- Choosing The Right Sponsor Can Insure Your Success In Network Marketing

Jan 13, 2008
Choosing a sponsor is one of the most important ingredients for success in a home business or network marketing opportunity, in my opinion. I would say begins with your experience, your desires or outcomes you are seeking, what kind of support you need, and effort you are willing to put out. I also will say that if you ask for the things below you need to commit to your sponsor and yourself that you will do whatever it takes to succeed!

I was fortunate to find the right person as my sponsor. Since that day, only a short period of time ago- we have become very good friends and business partners in the strongest sense. I have other partners in my network that I am having the same kind of relationship with. Remember- you will be working with these people- so take some time to get to know their value system before you join with anyone.

Here are a few questions I would ask prospective sponsors:
* Do you have a written plan that I should follow the first 30-60 days?
*Do I have to pay for a back office?
*Will I get a tailor made website that is made for me with my own picture, email address and phone number?
*Are there webinars and conference calls with real substance that I can bring my prospects to for both the business opportunity calls and the retail membership product?
*Are you available to help me with three way calls with my prospects while I am still learning to help me bring prospects into the business?
*Does your group provide a means to help me do a written business and life plan to help me succeed?
*Is there real, tangible sales training available for those that need it?
*If I am on a limited budget- how exactly would I be able to succeed in this business?
*A strong sponsor should be able to be a strong mentor-so it might be good to ask them about their other business experience, as well.

Finally, with the right sponsor you will be spending time with the person. If they are not asking you about your goals and dreams, or willing to get to know you as a person and what is important in your life, and willing to have a discussion about value systems and how they support their team- I would not join with them, personally. As a sponsor I will be investing my time to help my network partners be successful, and I have found it is much more comfortable when I get to know them as a person prior to beginning any relationship.

These are just a few of the questions that come to mind. In my own interview process I found there were few that could address the questions above.

I hope this helps you!

I will also say this. Any program comparisons extend beyond just the product. There is no question that one has to exert their own effort to succeed. There is also no question a great sponsor, great support, and the right philosophy can assist one in being successful.

Here is the acid test. Ask all the questions above of your sponsor, and go in depth about the product. If they can answer those questions and actually have knowledge of their product also, you will find yourself in a much better place than if you did not!

To your success!
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Chad Bates is a successful award winning entrepreneur who has founded numerous online and offline companies. He can be reached at cbates@legacyfinancial.com or through his website by opting in http://www.globalresortmentoring.com
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