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Using Newsgroups To Find A Job

Jan 13, 2008
What Are Newsgroups?

Before we go on to discuss how to find jobs on the Internet using newsgroups, let us understand what newsgroups are. Newsgroups are nothing but forums for people to interact in. They are a source of information and communication. They are basically continuous public discussions about a particular topic. You can find newsgroups on every topic online. From computers to organic gardening and jobs to religious discussions, you can even download pictures using newsgroups. Initially, newsgroups were used by scientists to post questions and get answers from each other, but now they are used by everyone, from scientists to students.

How It All Started

Newsgroups came about when a few students from the Duke University decided to exchange information. They did this in 1979, by connecting some computers with the UNIX community. In about the same period, a grad student from the University of North Carolina came up with the first version of the software to distribute news. This created a network called Usenet that eventually grew into electronic discussion groups.

Why Newsgroups Are So Popular

Newsgroups are very popular and most widely used. They are simple to use. You just need a newsreader program to have access to them. Internet explorer and Navigator have in-built newsreader software that makes this process even simpler. You don't need to reply immediately to a particular post. You can do it whenever you want to. You can communicate and interact with more than person at a given time, or with a group of people on a topic of mutual interest.

Jobs and Newsgroups

There are many newsgroups that are created especially for the purpose of job searching. Most are computer-related jobs, but there are other kinds of jobs also available through newsgroups. There are newsgroups dedicated to job ads and those that only accept resumes. There are those on career choices and the job market. Employers can even post employment opportunities on newsgroups. A lot of job sites, recruiters and employers check these sites regularly for resumes or other job- related activities.

Using newsgroups to find jobs is all about networking. So make sure that you have a strong network to work with. Before you post anything on a job related newsgroup, make sure you are clear about what you are posting, as there are moderators who will block you from future posting, if they find your remarks inappropriate.
It is very important that you know the difference between real job opportunities and "opportunities" that sound too good to be true. In all likelihood these are scams or con jobs.

Using a newsgroup to find a job may seem very new and you may be skeptical; but as with all online opportunities, it pays to have an open mind.
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