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Control Your Workspace To Improve Profits

Jan 13, 2008
Being a home business entrepreneur is great for a lot or reasons, and one of the biggest blessings is having complete control over my workspace. Instead of a cramped cubicle or assigned "position" we can work from the kitchen table, the patio, even the couch if we like. But just because we can work anywhere we like doesn't mean we should.

You're the boss. You can work form your laptop on the family room couch with the TV on if you want. But is this atmosphere the most conducive for staying focused and making progress?

I love the work from home lifestyle and I don't mind taking full advantage of the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. But I do so in moderation because I know self-discipline and structure are needed to remain productive and profitable.

Controlling our workspace is the key challenge for any home business professional. It's so easy to be distracted by the television, by family members who want to hang out and talk while you are working, and by friends who drop by often because they know you're home.

But I urge you to stay focused on the ultimate goal of building big profits. And this means you need to exercise full control over the environment in which you work.

Time is money, even if your income is the result of passive sales made from your network of Websites. An eight-hour day full of interruptions and socializing is not as profitable as a four-hour block of laser focus and diligent task management.

Here are a few simple but crucial things you can do to keep your workspace highly productive.

Dedicated Office Space - You should devote an entire room to your business if possible. A place you can go and close the door during work hours will really raise the bar in terms of productivity. If space just doesn't exist for a separate room at least claim a specific workstation that you use every day and establish an understanding with any other residents that when you are at this station you are working and not available for casual chatter.

Regular Work Hours - It's ideal to be in your office or at your station at around the same time each day. This consistency will help you get a powerful rhythm going, and once you have a rhythm you'll be surprised by how much you can do in the space of one work day.

Do Not Disturb - Make it clear to friends and family that you are working and need not be disturbed unless the matter is urgent. Not everyone will take you seriously right away but do what you need to do to drive the point home, to the point of being firm. We're talking about your livelihood here, your path to prosperity; don't hesitate to "lay down the law" if you need to.

A Conducive Atmosphere - Your workspace needs to be neatly organized, and equipped with the proper tools. In addition to the obvious (computer equipment, office supplies, phone, etc.) your work area needs a clock, a calendar, a bulletin board, and a dry erase board. I also encourage you to run appropriate audio in the background; examples are meditation music, motivational speakers, and marketing tutorials.

Create The Vibration - I encourage you to take time at the beginning of each workday to sit in your chair, close your eyes, and clear your mind. Sit quietly for a few seconds to a few minutes, breathing in slowly and deeply, allowing your breath to rest, and then exhaling slowly and fully. During this period of breathing focus your thoughts only on the air coming into your lungs, resting, and then going out of your body. Once you are finished with your breathing exercises (find a rhythm and length that feel right and go with it) open your eyes and know that you will be extremely effective at your work today.

As you can see from my suggestions, I believe our workspace is both physical and mental. And having an organized, comfortable place that is free from distractions and conducive to focus and forward momentum can make a notable difference in your monthly numbers.
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