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7 Killer Reasons To Participate In Internet Home Business Forums

Jan 13, 2008
Even if I think only my internet home business, I can say safely that I have made big bugs directly or undirectly by participating that forum. Of course that is a side benefit, because the participation and sharing useful information to other members is the idea, not advertising!

Obviously every single internet home business marketer has his own reasons to participate and the list below is my home business forum benefit list:

1.It Brands Your Name.
By helping people in the home business forum and sharing useful inforamtion and honest tips, you automatically build a brand out of your own name. The good reputation and the awareness of your name is a big help in the promotion of your internet home business.
Somehow the forum participation is even a stronger way to build a fame than article marketing for instance, because it is interactive.

That somehow deepens the relations between members. You will get followers, who can bookmark your site, subscribe the newsletter, visit your site and give comments into your blog. And when they have started to trust, they will come back to your sites.Not to mention the recommendations they make to other internet home business marketers!

2.It Builds Backlinks.
The backlinks from your sigfile are targeted one way links pointing straight to your internet business site. They are so called low weight links but still links, which also bring traffic.

3. It Gives You Huge Amount Of Help And Ideas.
This is the best benefit: you will learn from those, who work in the real internet home business marketing and not from those who never have marketed anything online. There is a huge difference. And the quickness with which the forum answers to the questions is amazing.

4. It Gives You A Place To Publish Special Offers
Some internet home business forums, like Warrior, has a special place for special offers, i.e. there membrs can publish their own offers for other memebers who are the highly targeted marketers.

5.It Gives You Education.
As mentioned the internet home business forum is a great place to educate yourself. The variety of topics, which the members handle is really big and the possibility to ask makes it a system, which works also in praxis. You will get a big number of recommendations: ebooks, software, useful links, novelties etc.

And you will quite soon realize, who to trust as an expert. The topics are normally handled from several viewpoints, which guarantes that nothing will be missed.

6.It Gives You A Chance For Joint Ventures.
The best joint ventures can bring you big bugs or the JV can be just a link exchange. Usually the joint ventures are organized by the successful and well.known members and if you have succeeded to build a brand out of your own name, they will ask you with.

7.It Gives You Ideas When You Need Them.
I have never seen a thread from some member, that has been left without the answer. If you ask for help, people will help you for sure. Or if you just want a new idea for your article or blogpost, just turn to the forum. The answer is there.
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