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Listbuilding For A Beginning Marketer

Jan 14, 2008
List building is a very tall order for a beginning marketer. Many new marketers don't get to building their op-tin list until a year or two after they start dabbling online.

How can something so simple and so important get forgotten and unused?

Well, I think for one thing when a person is first starting out it might not be apparent of the importance of just how well list building will help your business. With there being so much to learn and so many different aspects to learning how to work online it's could easily be shoved under the rug.

I know it was this way when I was first starting out to work online. I was trying to learn how to build websites, learning about SEO, writing articles and so on, and so forth. Of course, I would always here the phrase, "The Money Is In The List", but with so much to learn and so much to do it was never really hit home until some time later.

Nowadays, as far as I'm concerned one shouldn't do any types of promotion without having his list in mind. You could call it learning from mistakes, but what a big mistake it is to learn from.

Their are many different ways to build your list, and some of them are really quite simple. For instance, giveaway events are huge these days. It's almost like a marketers candy land being able to download a ton of free gifts. But for the contributor of the gift, it is his heaven in building his list. Each time a gift is downloaded he receives another subscriber to his list.

At the moment there are a lot of giveaway events going on. The most recent giveaway event is The New Years Giveaway. This giveaway does have some very great gifts from marketers to download. It also has some very high level marketers involved. Because of this, the downloadable gifts are of very high quality.

Building a list can involve using such tactics as PPC, Social Networks, using Safelists, traffic exchanges, promoting with ezines, solo ads, ad swapping with other entrepreneurs in a similar niche, and the list could go on and on. Many of these types of practices may take some time to set up but as with all things, you get out of what you put into your efforts.

Viral marketing and list building these days is really taking off. Personally I have been involved in using an amazing program called MVS3. This program really is taking the internet by storm and it viral capabilities are seemingly endless. But of course, that is what viral marketing is all about.

So I hope this gives you some ideas on building your list. Though the methods haven't been dealt with in detail, a simple easy way to get started is by participating in giveaway events.

If your looking for a way to start building your list, and haven't had much experience yet with other methods then giveaway events are a good place to start.
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Davin Ogden is a viral marketing strategist owning several websites on the internet. Check out the New Years Giveaway, and see how this type of list building can work for you then and also download some great gifts.
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