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The 3 Most Important Off-Page Optimization Practices In Search Engine Optimization

Jan 14, 2008
So you want to optimize your website for search engines and make it more Search Engine "Friendly". There are many webmasters who focus on on-page search engine optimization. After all, this technique is considered as their first "bait" for their targeted Internet users. However, you should realize that your on-page optimization efforts will never be enough. You need to make sure that even if you are not doing any optimization, you are still boosting your page rank and driving traffic in your website. So you will need to do some off-page optimization techniques to compliment your on-page SEO. What this means is that you should focus your efforts off your website and onto other areas so that your website will look "good" to search engines. Let's see how this can be done easily.

When it comes to off-page optimization, there's one excellent strategy that you need to follow. That is inbound linking from top quality sites. What this means is that you need to get other top quality websites to link to your website. Here are some tips on how you can generate links coming into your website from other websites.

1. Do some article marketing. Content is indeed considered to be king in the World Wide Web. After all, the very reason why Internet users visit websites is because they're looking for quality and fresh information. You can make use of your content to drive traffic into your website and increase your inbound links. A good way to go about doing this is to add text links to your website in the body of your articles using your targeted keywords. You can better your chances of appearing in search engine results because of this technique. Of course, you can also link back to your website through your resource box found of your articles. You can also submit some articles in ezines. This way, your articles can be picked up by publishers and placed in their webpages-with your website's links in them, that use your main keywords as link titles.

2. Build a blog. Weblogs today are gaining notoriety among SEO professionals. For one, they are very easy to update. Second, you don't have to sound so professional with this tool. Even the most unsavy beginner can use blogs to their advantage. Most of all, you can generate excellent inbound links. Blogs are very search engine friendly as well. This means that they can easily get indexed in search engines. You can link your blog back into your website, and you can watch your page rank increase. If you're doing well with your blogs, you can also find numerous requests from other bloggers to link to you. As long as your links are found in their blogs, you will still be generating traffic and excellent PR without having to do much on your on-page efforts.

3. Participate in forums. Forums are a very good way to talk with other webmasters and exchange links. What's more, you can generate inbound links from message boards. You do this by simply adding a link to your website in your profile, or you can add a URL in your signature file. The more posts you make the more links you'll get back. Make sure that you do not spam message boards or forums though. You'll quickly find that you'll be kicked out of those places if your posts look like spam.

There you go. By using those simple off page SEO techniques you can do your website a lot of good and make it more Search Engine Friendly
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