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How Important is a Good Niche?

Jan 14, 2008
Niche marketing is a big topic in home business. A good niche helps to define your target market and focuses your efforts overall.

Yet many people don't worry that much about having a niche. They just want to get sales moving, to anyone who will stop by their website.

Only trouble is, it rarely works. Much of the time this hurried approach is the fast way to failure, rather than to profits. It's too hard to sell to a vague audience in most areas.

Sometimes the product defines the niche well enough, but other times your smartest move is to narrow things down further yet. If you sell beauty products, for example, you may choose to focus your efforts on getting the most from the products you sell, despite a busy lifestyle. Having this kind of a target helps to give inspiration as you create content for your website.

And that's one of the keys. Being focused means you have something definite to work on. You aren't writing random item descriptions or articles, hoping to appeal to someone. You have a definite client in mind. It helps.

Failing to consider an appropriate niche is a mistake I've made plenty of times myself. I'm much better now at spotting that failure, so that I lose less time on unfocused efforts. I can see that my more niche-focused sites excel more quickly than the more general ones. I can make a general one succeed on its particular topic, but it's a lot more effort.

I'll echo what many people have said about finding niches. Wordtracker is a great resource. You can find out what kinds of things people are searching for in a given area, and gain some ideas for what you want to do. They have a free trial, but the paid version can be quite worthwhile, especially if you want to get serious about pay per click marketing.

But there are a lot more resources. Look at popular products on Amazon, eBay and other websites. Use a generic term for what you're planning on selling, then see what kinds of sites there are. Some will be focused on a niche, and while I won't say go for the exact niche, you can gain some inspiration as to the kinds of consumers you can target.

Combining some research into a niche with your own interests can product delightful results. While not an absolute guarantee of success, it's a better place to start than many others.
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