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Jan 14, 2008
Listbuilding is one of the hottest topics for internet marketing. Many people try it and most of them fail. That's because they don't know the small but effective secret techniques that the Gurus know. Yes, there are
some very special tricks and techniques that most Gurus won't tell you about. But don't worry, after reading this article you'll know about these dirty tricks and you'll soon become a Guru yourself!

Building a list is the most important task for any online business owner. Your list is your marketing capital! When starting out it will all start very slow but your results will increase as time goes by. We all started with a list of zero subscribers... And many of us managed to build a list of 10.000+ in less than 6 months. Seriously, start today and work hard on building your list... Soon you'll be one of those Top Internet Marketers with a list of above 10.000 prospects.

Building a huge opt-in list is based on 2 factors:

- It depends on how much traffic you send to your Opt-In page

- And it depends on how many of your visitors you convert to subscribers

When looking at these 2 factors you'll soon see that it's not hard to master these 2 things. Your traffic will always depend on how much work you put into your traffic generating strategies. Do you use one method
of generating traffic or do you use 10 methods?

Do you get it? You need to implement as many traffic pathways as possible, so that you get visitors from all kinds of programs and websites. Your traffic can't rely on one source... you need to use as many traffic sources
as you can!

It's not done with using as many traffic sources as possible... You still need to convert the traffic into signups for your opt-in list. We are talking about the signup rate! It makes a huge difference, imagine you have a signup rate of 5% instead of just 1%... You'll get 5-times as many subscribers to your list!

That leads us to tracking, testing and improving your Opt-In page. Split-Testing is the magic word here. Setup 2 Opt-In pages... one with a different headline or a difference in any other part of the site. Soon you'll know which of your 2 pages perform better than the other. Once you know, you take the better one and Split-test that again... Do this until you reach an opt-in rate of at least 3%.

Once you have mastered this most important part of listbuilding, you can move on and split-test your traffic sources. You'll soon be able to dump the non-performing sources and concentrate on those that suck in the signups.

It's not hard to do this... all it needs is hard and persistent work. Your increased results will push you do test and track even more... You'll soon be able to determine which traffic sources to rely on and how you have to design your Squeeze Pages. That leads to not only getting more signups for your current list, but also in knowing what to do when starting your next project. You'll know that you need to avoid certain things or that you need to implement certain strategies... Tracking will give you the knowledge to build up a multi-million online business! You'll become better with every Squeeze Page that you design and you'll become better at knowing what you need to implement for backend profits.
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Guido Nussbaum is an internet marketing expert and owner of different websites. His New Year's Giveaway website provides you with free ebooks and software that you can use to build huge lists just like him.
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