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The Benefits Of Energisers For Your Event

Jan 14, 2008
Energisers can have a dramatic impact on your audience, they can wake up, motivate and completely energise your conference or event, ensuring that your audience is listening to your message. With careful planning they can transform your event.

So how do you know which are the best energisers for your event and for your group? There are a number of factors that will help to steer you in the right direction. Firstly take a look at your numbers, how many people are going to take part and think about how this can affect the logistics of any energiser you have consider.

Will you need a large room for the energisers? If so are you certain your conference room is suitable? If you are not sure, ask the team building company for their advice. What style of meeting room set up have you got? If it's theatre style, don't consider an energiseing activity which involves delegates sitting at a table.

What do you want to achieve from hosting one? Do you want to ensure that they are awake? If that's your main objective then plan carefully the timing, perhaps after lunch may be the optimum time for it. If it's to grab delegates attention and to get them communicating with each other, then you need to look at hosting it early on at your conference or event.

Think carefully about your conference objectives, any themes or keywords that you are communicating to your delegates and see if you can tie them into your energiser. There are many different types of energisers that can illustrate communication, back to basics or working with limited resources. Talk to your team building company, they will be able to advise you on which would best illustrate your company message.

If you have space in your conference itinerary for more than one energiser, then the optimum is three energisers. The first one would be at the start of your conference, wake them up and break the ice. Second session would be after lunch where delegates are more inclined to sit back and fall asleep and the third session is at the end of your conference so you can really energise and leave each and every delegate on a real high, ensuring that your conference message is heard and remembered.

One key element that many conference organisers forget is that you use a conference energiser to energise your delegates, to wake them up and to motivate them. Your delegates will be eager to listen and on a high, it's now crucial that the next activity or speaker is engaging, the person presenting has to be charismatic and enthusiastic because this is when you could lose your audience.

Some organisers make the mistake of not placing enough importance on energisers but by carefully choosing effective activities could be the difference between hosting a typical conference and hosting a motivating memorable effective conference.
About the Author
Shaun Parker has been managing conference and company energisers for several years. For more information visit Accolade Corporate Events.
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