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Automated Internet Business: Do They Really Exist?

Jan 14, 2008
People that want to find work at home jobs online have probably at one time or another run across a website claiming to set you up with a completely automated Internet business that can be run with no effort on your part and make you rich in under a month. Is it true? Can you really make money online by having a business run on complete autopilot? The truth is that the claims of automation are exaggerated and not quite how they make it out to be. Let me show you the ways that you could run a business online and how automation can be integrated into it to make things run smoother.

Setting Up An Auto-Responder

An auto-responder is one hundred percent automated. Although it does require some work on your end in setting it up, once it is set up it can run on autopilot with no maintenance. This software works by letting you put preloaded messages or e-mails into it and send them out at set intervals when someone signs up for your list. You can build a website with an e-mail form and link it to the auto-responder. An alternative to doing this yourself would be to look for a "Turnkey" internet business where the templates and messages are already set up for you.

An Automated Sales Page

Another process that can be automated is setting up a website with video or audio to present your business to prospects. You can include a link to your sales page in your auto-responder messages so they can also go back to investigate further about your opportunity. It is important to know that most people need to see something an average of seven times before they purchase or sign up for something. This is why an auto-responder with a link to your website is important.

One business where this model works quite well is in the network marketing industry. With the invention of the Internet, people who promote these opportunities can provide an easy way for downlines to duplicate their business by giving away exact copies of the automated Internet business that you use to sign people up with. The effect of this is very viral and can grow you a big team in a very short period of time.

Automated Advertising

One thing that can't be automated unless you outsource is marketing and advertising. There are things that are semi-automated like using Pay-Per-Click advertising, but it still requires a lot of keyword research and maintenance. You can automate things like article submissions, forum posting and press releases, but you can't get around putting hard work into preparing them.

Although you may be presented with the opportunity to get an automated Internet business, you will have to do some work to get prospects to see your opportunity by marketing and advertising in various online and offline media.

Something That Can Never Be Automated And The Most Important

The most important thing that you can never automate is the human element. In order for you to be successful in any business you need to be very supportive to your prospects and business partners. Nobody wants to talk to a computer for advice and forming good relationships and being supportive of people will take you a lot further than any automated system ever will.
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