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Make Money On E-bay

Jan 14, 2008
No other search engine keyword has as many scams associated with it as the phrase 'make money.' This is because such a term offers a large amount of prey for scammers. Being able to make money is the goal of every person, because without money you cannot have a good quality of life. It is even better if one can make money at home, so they can spend more time with their families. Yet, hope is not lost. With E-Bay it is possible to legitimately make money without worrying about getting scammed. This article will explain how.

First, you will need to decide the way in which you will make money with E-Bay. Are you going to make money selling a service? Some of the most popular services auctioned off on E-Bay include web hosting, website design and even ghostwriting. You can add to this list if you offer a more unique service, but keep in mind the E-Bay audience. Many of them are trying to find ways to make money at home just like you, so they're going to be interested in services that can assist them in this venture.

Of course, if selling a service is not the way you want to make money, you can always consider selling actual merchandise. To do this you will need to deal with a wholesaler or dropshipper. With a wholesaler you have to buy a large amount of inventory up front, while dropshippers will ship out inventory as it is ordered. Both types of these enterprises will usually require you to have a business license before you can officially work with them. However, there are 'middlemen' dropshippers and wholesalers that will allow you to work with them without a business license, but you will have to pay a subscription fee. Additionally, the profit margins available through them tend to be significantly lower since they charge you more for their inventory. In fact, sometimes you may only make a few cents in profit working with these companies. Yet, don't overlook them. Middlemen dropshippers or wholesalers that offer a large amount of inventory can still be profitable if you properly research which items are in high demand yet low supply on E-Bay. An example is http://Doba.com, a dropshipper that allows everyone the opportunity to make money on E-Bay.

Once you have decided what you are going to sell, you need to decide whether you are going to list your items one-by-one or get an E-Bay store. If you are selling a service, it is best that you send one listing at a time. However, if you are selling merchandise, you may want to consider using an E-Bay store. The cheapest E-Bay store costs $15.95 a month and will allow you to make money through 10 listings. The most expensive E-Bay store costs $299.95 a month. With this store you will make money through 500 listings.

In conclusion, it is possible to truly make money at home if you're open to using E-Bay. Through E-Bay you can make money selling a service or merchandise. Granted, both ways may be a bit challenging at first, since you have to get bidders and feedback, but once you have established yourself, you'll be able to make money in no time.
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