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Is Verve The Only Safe And Healthy Energy Drink?

Jan 15, 2008
In recent times, energy drinks have flooded the market and have managed to capture the attention of the young generation. As the fight to survive in this harshly competitive world becomes worse, you are always looking forward to ready-made solutions to cope with the pressure. If in such a situation, you have a product that promises to revitalize you instantly and charge you with some health boosters as well, simply with a drink, it's very natural that you'll rush to grab it. This probably accounts for the immense popularity of energy drinks in the market.

Energy drinks have an overdose of caffeine in them that gives the instant adrenaline rush, when you consume it. But scientific studies have proved once and for all that these drinks have a lot of harmful effects.

These energy drinks are stimulants in nature and when consumed along with alcohol, they trick the individual into drinking more than what is normal. But once the stimulant effect of the energy drink wears off, the depressant nature of the alcohol creates nausea and vomiting, and also leaves behind a groggy hangover.

Another extremely harmful effect of these energy drinks when taken with alcohol is that it tricks you into consuming a high quantity of alcohol, as it is a stimulant. But once the stimulant effect of the energy drink wears off, the depressant effect of the alcohol overtakes. This may result in nausea and vomiting. It causes a person to suffer from hangovers and various other effects of excessive alcohol intake. Hence, the idea of revitalizing ones energy by just sipping on a special drink is great, but it's advisable to limit the intake to the least possible.

Thus, the idea of rehashing energy by just sipping on a special drink is great, but it's better to limit that to the minimum possible. Instead, natural and organic ingredient-loaded energy drinks pose great possibility.

Verve Energy Drink from the house of Vemma is a drink that is radically different. This health drink guarantees to provide you instant and refreshing energy without posing health hazards. Verve Energy Drink contains a number of essential vitamins and essential minerals. It also contains fructose as a natural sweetener. It's known to have the lowest Glycemic Index among all kinds of simple sugars. With a calorie count of 72, Verve can keep you going without increasing your risk of high sugar related diseases.

The Verve Energy Drink helps you remain full of energy for hours at a time. It is packed with unique ingredients like mangosteen and natural vitamins like, Thiamin, Niacin along with Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Selenium, Glyconutrient-rich Aloe Vera and decaffeinated Green Tea, adding to the health quotient of the drink. Some of these ingredients have powerful antioxidant properties that fight oxidative stress in the body.

The hidden secret of Verve Energy Drink dwells not only the incredible list of ingredients that fuses into this drink, but also the one-of-a-kind technique by which it is packaged. The individual process of canning makes sure that the minerals and vitamins are completely retained till the time of consumption. The help of a special propriety cold-fill process accomplishes this. Flash pasteurization is also used that does not destroy the beneficial ingredients. Besides, the can also has an ultra-protective lining. So, if it's about energy drinks, by all accounts, Verve Energy Drink is your top choice.
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Verve Energy Drink is the only healthy energy drink in the world. Authorities say ditch the other bad, well-known drinks like Red Bull and Monster immediately! Vemma sets a new precident. Home business venture now available!
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