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You Can Earn a Substantial Income From Home by Fixing Your Mind

Jan 15, 2008
Before we get started in this thought process, I want you to think about how hard it is for you to change your life by changing your mind.

If you need a reference point, think about what your spouse said to you the last time you had one of those wonderful compatibility discussions. This is important because when you change your mind and start to duplicate the exact steps of those who have gone before you; it is possible that a substantial income from home can become a reality.

What I will try here is to set in motion a chain of events in your life that will cause you to knock off the old ways, old thinking and old habits. The goal is to change your lifestyle and method of operating your business life. I hope forever.

Now before you get to antsy about the topic remember most of the folks who have great success aren't all that different then you and me. In most cases they followed a formula of some family, friend or business associate. The goal could be to lose weight, to get married, find the love of your life or to start a business. Most of us would agree that there is not a lot of new invention going on here. There is however a lot of twisting of the old stuff. Great example whether you like todays, hip hop music or not, you have to wonder, why is it a billion dollar industry when a lot of what they do is copy and replay with a fancy name sampling. The music is still from the good old days.

When it comes to earning a substantial income, if you could get the exact methods that someone else used to succeed, then the odds are pretty good that if you duplicate what they did to get their success then you should get pretty close to the same results by following the same process.

This has worked in my business systems analyst role, my project manager role and is now working in my small business growth world. To this end find your self a process that works and a system that is duplicative. Make sure it is fits your style of life and what you like to do. Review the action plan and understand the good and the bad of the proposed program. Know that nothing is perfect and all plans have problems.

The key is that action counts and all the rest does not. Make sure the proposed business process is repeatable and then jump on the flow and ride as hard or harder then those who went before you.

As we go forward the final thought is that you should find a program that is repeatable, believeable and then jump on the system that has been proven to work.
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