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The Benefits Of Creating A Web-Based Business

Jan 15, 2008
If you are considering or planning an online business, there are many benefits in doing so. Not only do you have the potential to reach a vast amount of users, you can market to them at a fraction of traditional advertising. In North America alone, based on 2007 statistics, approximately 234 million people / 70% of the population are internet users.

A few of the many advantages of having an online presence:

* 24 Hour Access: Users can visit your site at any time, unlike a brick & mortar store
* Reduction of Costs: Reduced staffing expenses, supplies, rent, utilities, etc.
* Global Reach: No limit due to geographical location
* Online Marketing: Reach a larger audience as opposed to other mediums. This is a cost effective way to maximize your web visibility
* Utilize interactive features such as video, audio, pictures, and pod casts
* Update information on your site as often as needed
* Collect customer data and trends

Important points to consider:

* An Optimization-Friendly Website: The importance of this cannot be stressed enough, as this will enable your site to be picked up by the search engines. Be sure to select a web developer that is experienced with this process, or hire a company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

* Marketing Your Website: Approximately 62% of all internet traffic is generated via search engines. An online marketing strategy that is properly implemented and geared to your target market will ensure that you are reaching relevant users who are searching for your product or service. This will increase the amount of visitors to your site and positively impact your ROI.

With the correct planning and execution, you can attain the visibility that you desire for your website. With all the facets in the place you will gain natural rankings across multiple keyword verticals related to your business. This will give you the most visibility through search engine traffic.

The Business model of an Internet Website is relatively simple; increasing traffic means increasing revenue. However, with the growing number of Websites, it will become more difficult to obtain greater traffic. So how is traffic disbursed on the Internet? Traffic disbursement can be isolated to two primary sources: Search Engine Queries and Incoming links.

Search Engines have evolved greatly in the past few years. However, the principal is still the same. A Search Engine Spider travels through virtual space analyzing Webpages' encountered and assessing their premise. Spiders can quickly route through deeply routed pages within any given Website and index them within a Database. In addition, they can assess which Websites change frequently, and retrieve new data on a scheduled basis. Because of their ability to quickly assess pages and their changes, they offer the internet community one of the most valuable resources, "The ability to accurately locate documents of interest".

Because some Search Engines poses the tools and resources to quickly archive numerous pages and their data, they have begun to utilize, "Anchor Text," to leverage their Search Engine Results. The most famous example, of this technology being implemented, is the Apple QuickTime Download page showing as number one in Google for a search query of, "Click Here". The term, "Click Here," cannot be found anywhere on the visible page or Source Code. So why is it number one? Because the Developer linked the words, "Click Here," to the download page from many pages with good rapport (High Google PR). Naturally, this is pure speculation, as only the Google Engineers could explain exactly why it is number one accurately. However, most are probably familiar with the famous Google Bomb of, "Miserable Failure". A large number of people linked, "Miserable Failure," to the Official White House Web-page of President George W. Bush. As a result, George ranks number one on Google for the search term.

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