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Effective Advertising Network Production

Jan 15, 2008
Movies often attempt to portray real life, but in the end the whole story is fantasy. In the business world; a company can have an outstanding website, provide top-notch products and service at a reasonable cost, and yet still not produce profit from sales. The same business may acquire affiliate companies or other partners to boost their sales and profit but the truth is without knowledge about the parent company and their product and/or services; these attempts will end in failure.

The primary vehicle for a successful business lies in advertising, but those businesses on the internet may often have competitors offering the same products and/or services. In the case of internet businesses, advertising becomes even more important to them and ultimately determines failure or success. An internet company can have an extensive advertising plan, but it may be ineffective if there are many other similar companies gaining the customer's attention.

Some companies may flourish from an extensive advertising plan, but to really gain success the company must have in place an effective network of advertising and marketing concerning a product and/or service. Affiliate marketing is essentially one method of building an advertising network by offering other website owners generated income through website referrals.

These affiliated website owners usually advertise their own website to create sales for the parent company. Website visitors have the option to go to the parent company's site and buy the product and/or service. The income for the affiliated site through sales is often less in terms of advertising costs to produce the same results. In the following example; if $25 is spent on website advertising by 100 affiliate companies, then the parent company is actually gaining a $2,500 benefit in advertising costs.

Websites of this type will usually have more than only one affiliated business connected to it. In most cases, the parent company can easily keep track of the websites that send the most customers and eventually sales. Through this information, the parent company can let go the affiliates that have little to no positive results and reward those companies with outstanding advertising results. This tracking system will keep both the parent and affiliate companies' advertising efforts running in a smooth, efficient manner for success.

The use of satisfied customers' testimonials produces word of mouth advertising, which is another asset to those in the business world. This type of advertising is available at no cost to the parent or affiliate companies and should be utilize at its fullest advantage. The majority of the public are usually interested in those testimonials from the average person, and not by a paid celebrity. This method will offer the best exposure of a product and/or service. Another positive effect from a satisfied customer is that he/she uses word of mouth to friends, family, and associates about the company and what it offers. The result of this effect is often positive for the parent and affiliate companies and to the customer as well.

Experts mention that in the recent past about a company that used a referral plan, and determined that word of mouth advertising was the most effective method in the production of an advertising network.
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