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Safety Issues You Need To Pay Attention To In Your Tanning Salon

Jan 15, 2008
Chances are you have thought of many things in order to get your tanning salon started. Have you given any thought to the issue of safety? These are important things to cover so that you can offer the very best facility possible for your customers. You don't want them to have a bad experience when they come in. Some of these safety issues are their responsibility as well but you should at least offer the information.

Pay close attention to your tanning salon equipment as it always need to be in good condition. Replacing older equipment that is wearing out or not working properly is a good idea. Make sure you pay attention to new equipment too so that there aren't any problems. Regular maintenance can help ensure you have fewer problems to deal with as well.

A monthly inspection of all your tanning equipment is a good idea. You want to look at all the cords, the places where customers access and even the knobs. Knowing everything is working well should give you peace of mind. Cords can become a serious issue if they are where customers can trip on them. Make sure you have safety mechanisms in place due to the amount of power you have in the facility.

It is important for all of your customers to know where the emergency shut off button is on the tanning equipment. It is a good idea to place a sign in each of the tanning locations. You never know when they may feel ill while they are in there and need it to be turned off.

Part of the maintenance schedule for tanning beds and booths is to replace the bulbs periodically. New bulbs are going to offer a more powerful emission of UV rays. Post signs to let customers know that new bulbs have been put in. Make sure those that burn easily understand that they should cut back their time by a couple of minutes. Otherwise they risk getting burned which will leave their skin red and uncomfortable.

There are some risks to indoor tanning and you don't want to hide them. While your goal with a tanning salon is to make money you also need to keep people safe. If they have a family history of skin cancer it may not be a good idea for them. If they are taking certain types of medications tanning may alter the affects. Post information about these issues for the safety of your customers.

Your customers need to protect their eyes while using tanning equipment that contains UV rays. Make sure you have a selection of goggles available in each of the tanning rooms. The eyes can become damaged over time due to exposure to the UV rays without such protection. Some individuals don't think it is necessary because they are tanning indoors so you need to let them know it is still important.

Make sure everyone that works for you understands the importance of these safety issues as well. You need to be a good role model as well as an advocate for your customers. Offering them the very best tanning experience possible means you will end up with many loyal customers.
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