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The Issue Of Safety For Your Coffee Shop

Jan 15, 2008
People expect hot and fresh coffee products when they go to a coffee shop, but they also want it to stay in their cups. Even though you need to offer fast and efficient service, it is important that that safety is a priority. Spills can end up burning both your customers and your employees.

Various types of equipment are essential to operate a quality coffee shop. You need to have a very good training program in place. This will ensure each piece of equipment is used as accurately as it should be. This is one of the best ways to enforce safety and to prevent accidents.

Think about the flow of things while your employees are waiting on the customers. How effective is the layout of the equipment? You want them to be able to serve everyone without having to scramble around each other. This is going to take some careful planning on your part. Yet it will also help to keep everyone safe and serve the customers much quicker.

The cups you serve your drinks in are very important. It is wise to spend the money to get the good quality ones. They are going to be well insulated and hold up to what you place inside of them. There are sleeves and collars that slip over the bottom of the cups as well. These will help to keep the cups cool on the outside while the drink is hot inside.

Lids that fit all the sizes of cups you offer are essential. If you run out of them you may as well close the doors for a while. The lids need to snap into place so that they are secure. Never hand a drink to a customer if you aren't sure the lid is going to stay in place. They don't want hot coffee all over their hands due to such negligence.

There are plenty of lids that offer a small lip on them for sipping the hot drinks. You can also choose those that close all the way. The customer will need to lid a portion of the top back. On some lids there is a piece that slides to the side. This allows an opening for sipping the coffee. It can then be closed back up to prevent spills and to keep the drink hot for as long as possible.

Each coffee shop will have its own dangers to be aware of as well. Keep floors dry so that people don't slip and fall. This can be tricky when the weather is bad so consider floor mats and even a removable carpet that leads up to the counter. Watch for cords in the way and take care of any equipment that is experiencing issues.

Do all you can to keep everyone in your coffee shop safe. You definitely want to make money in this business but it is worthwhile to invest in ways to prevent accidents. There will be hot products in the hands of your employees and your customers all day long. You need to help offset the potential for issues to come up so that you can give them the very best environment to be in.
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Karyn Lewis writes about the ups and downs of the coffee shop business. Avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they buy a coffee shop and read more coffee related articles at her site.
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