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Article Marketing Mistakes: The 3 Most Common Ones...

Jan 15, 2008
Some people say article marketing doesn't work anymore. Which that might be true if you just write crap and expect people to love you for it. If you do it correctly it still works and could be one of your most powerful promotion strategies. Here are three common article marketing mistakes.

1. Not keeping the reason you write articles straight with the reason you use the articles you write to promote your business.

There are several reasons for promoting your business with articles but their is only one reason for writing articles.

First lets talk about reasons for promoting your business with articles. Articles drive traffic to your website. They also position you as an expert in whatever field you are writing about. Now those are great and all but it should not be your focus for writing an article. Then why write articles?

Giving value to your readers is why you should be writing articles. Any other motives will stand out like a sore thumb. False motives will turn people away. If you write in this manner, it is best not to bother.

You need to provide value to your readers before they are going to trust you. Then in the resource box you let them know you have additional information on your website.

2. Not maximizing the potential of every article.

What is next after writing an article? Making the resource box attractive enough to entice people to click the link to your site is the next step. You may write wonderful articles that do nothing for you if readers stop short of clicking your links. Make readers want to click those links.

Another technique for increasing the effectiveness of your articles is putting your keywords as the hyper-link text in your resource box. That way you will not only get visitors directly from clicking through the link to your website but also indirectly by helping your website rank in the search engines.

After your article is prepared, submission to article directories is next. And that's it, right? WRONG!

A lot of people stop here and this is where they go wrong. Individual web publishers is where you go next to submit your article. Article directories are mostly visited by others also submitting articles. You want your article to be read by actual people and this will happen when web publishers put your article on their sites and email it to their lists.

3. Writing articles that aren't helpful to the reader

If your articles are of little use to readers, one of two things will happen. And your online business won't be helped by either of them.

The first thing is that no one is going to trust you after reading your article. And that's assuming that they finished reading your article. Which they probably won't. More than likely they'll just leave.

The second is that no one is going to put your article on their website. By putting your article on their website they are putting their own reputation on the line. If they put up a crappy article no one is going to trust them. So you won't get many links from the article either. Don't waste your time.

Article marketing isn't dead. Far from it. Doing it right takes more time but there are great benefits to be realized from it.
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About the author: Aaron Anderson manages his own online business. He gives you tips on how to do it. Make sure you check this out if you are starting an online business.
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