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The Joy Of Affiliate Revenue

Jan 15, 2008
Why would anyone sign up for affiliate revenue programs when they could launch their own business site and derive a greater portion of each sale?

Why sell products for someone else when you could select a product you want to make available?

For many fledgling entrepreneurs affiliate revenue programs offer an opportunity that may otherwise be unavailable.

When an individual develops an affiliate revenue site using web builder software they are combining a cost effective web presence with the ability to retain the greatest amount of referral revenue. In other words the site building strategy is low cost and that allows the individual to keep more of the profit.

For those unfamiliar with affiliate revenue let me attempt to explain the process. Businesses that offer these types of programs allow individuals to become an affiliate (online sales force) and develop a site that features their product. The originating business provides the affiliate with a tracking link that allows them to monitor where customers come from and whether they actually make a purchase.

When an individual makes a purchase the affiliate is credited with a financial reward for using their online site to direct traffic to the primary business website. That reward can be used to pay for web hosting and development, family expenses or set aside as seed money for your own business in the future.

For many affiliates the end result of their endeavor is something like finding money. By using the tracking link on the individual website it makes it possible for the website owner to operate the website virtually hands-free.

For the affiliate it is the site design that is key to an effective revenue-generating site. This can be accomplished through targeted keywords and knowledge-rich content. The more care you take in site development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the better your site will ultimately perform.

If you are unfamiliar with SEO you should review some of the many articles I've written on the subject to help you manage an effective website development strategy. As with any site SEO strategies can take several weeks to generate results so don't expect results overnight, be patient.

You should work to include new content from time to time to keep search engines interested in your affiliate site.

The joy of affiliate revenue is the flexibility of the proceeds. For some this is non-traditional revenue that can help offset family expenses while others reinvest the money in other additional affiliate revenue program sites or the development of a personally directed business site. It should be noted that some online businesses blend a more conventional business site with complimentary affiliate programs that can provide a more comprehensive feel to the offerings on the individual website with the added benefit of residual income.

Site owners find more joy in knowing they do not have to worry about product fulfillment or customer service issues. Since the individual is sent through your affiliate portal to the purchasing site they will deal directly with the primary business owner for these issues.

Affiliate revenue programs are not a means of gaining fast money, but they can provide a steady stream once your site is established and recognized by search engines. In most cases affiliate programs offer information and tips on developing a site that maximizes the potential for gaining customers.
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