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Daily Income Are Soaring, Why Work?

Jan 15, 2008
How many people have seen ads like this one?
I've seen so many, I just had to click on this one.

Serious Home Business Opportunity,
Top Producer Mentoring, not MLM

The best I can recall this is the ad that I saw on the internet while just mindlessly wasting time. After going to the site it occured to me that all this time was not wasted, because by just simply knowing how to copy/paste and other simple internet functions, was all that I needed to do this. With so many people on the internet claiming outrageous incomes, someone had to be telling the truth.

So how do you decide who is lying and who is not????
Your guess is as good as mine, but here is a hint, I found one that posts everyones phone numbers, including the owners. "So honest the owners work the phone-in help lines" Thats what they claimed. So I had to phone the numbers. Now the exactness of the conversation, I cannot remember but I can tell you that they were genuine and really seemed to care about me succeeding.

So after talking it over with my wife, and knowing the fact that I waste money everyday on alcohol and tobacco and golf and so on. I thought why not quit all of that for one month, use that money to TRY and change my life, and earn one of these outrageous part time internet salaries. So. . . here it goes!

I paid my sponsor of this site $397 plus $49.95 a month membership fees, plus $250 in the first week on advertising. WOW am I excited, "here goes nothing!" I remember saying outloud. So to get started marketing online with this company they suggested training.

So I attended a couple of the LIVE training classes, phoned my sponsor a few times. Each time he helped point me in the right direction, he laughed at my jokes, spent much much more time with me chatting than expected. So now I'm really excited, my life is going to change, once those visitors start coming to my website. -Which was provided by the company free of charge-

A couple days later, my first visitor. Oh boy, what do I do. This person has just given me his phone number, email, full name, and begging me to contact him. And a few days later I have 7 people in my downline, all their info. right there. I can just feel my life changing, I'm going to be financially free.... oh what, I have to close the sales?? How do I do that, I dont know how to do that, this wasnt part of the deal, I was pissed. But my wife reminded me, that the online training might help, after all there are approx. 50 hours of recorded training, plus 5 or so hours of live training a week.

Week three.
I still have not made a dime. I have spent a whopping total of $2000 on advertising and my member dues. I need to pull the plug and accept the fact that I'm going to work on monday morning, I'm not going golfing, drinking booze, or anything for 2 months. To pay for this lesson I thought myself. Just for the heck of it I phoned the owner one last time to let him know I was unhappy and shame on me, because I knew that online money making schemes just dont work. I told him how much money I had spent. He interupted me and said, "oh man, this is going to explode if you put that much money into the places you said, you just have to remember, most of these websites take time to process the information. Trust me, this will take off like a snowball,and fast, dont spend anymore money advertising, just stick to the free stuff for a week, you will see that all these paid for advertisements will kick in at the same time."

Was he right? Lets just say that I am a true believer now that this company is different!

They had laid everything out, all I did was follow the steps, one by one.
My phone is ringing 2-3 times a day with people wanting to join my team, I am so glad I sacrificed -for the better of my health as well- no alcohol or tobacco for short while, because that small sacrifice did indeed change my life.

P.S. This works, I am proof and so are thousands of others. A small sacrifice changed my life. I hope you are willing to move forward in life as well.
About the Author
Rick is father of two and is passionate about life and to help change the lives of others.
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