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Online Affiliate Marketing 101

Jan 15, 2008
First, the basics. What is online affiliate marketing? It's marketing, with a twist. In a way, it can be catered to just about any need that a website owner may have. For example, if you own a website about camping, you may want to consider earning some extra money every month by endorsing, let's say, Lucky X Camping Gear, a fictional camping supply chain in your country. With online affiliate marketing, you place the Lucky X Camping Gear logo on your website, along with a link back to the camping gear website.

If your website visitor clicks on the link back to the Lucky X Camping Gear website and buys something from them, you will earn a commission on every item they purchase. Some people are so good at this kind of affiliate marketing that they can earn a living doing it full time. However, most people prefer to deal with products or merchandise that somehow ties in with their own products or services.

Another example of online affiliate marketing is geared to businesses that encourage others to market someone else's products or services in return for a portion of the profits. There are many examples of this on the Internet today. These people don't deal with actual products or shipping concerns, they merely promote another person's products or services on a daily basis. Here's another example: let's say you design and create wedding dresses. Your website might also choose to market wedding invitations, caterers, and even tuxedo rental shops in their area. You might choose anything and everything that has to do with the wedding process. You then search for such products or services, and promote them on your website. In many cases, such referrals offer excellent financial benefits in return for such widespread promotion.

Many major corporations and companies around the world offer online affiliate marketing programs for their products or services. These companies range from major name-brand shoe manufacturers to those selling hunting equipment or automobiles. To find some prime opportunities, just type 'affiliate marketing programs' into the search bar of your computer and you'll be amazed at what's out there.

Online affiliate marketing is the marketing trend of the 21st century. Endorsing or promoting someone else's products can be very lucrative to those who have gained a little experience in the field. It's a billion dollar industry, and you don't have to have a special degree in business, finance or marketing to take advantage of the number of opportunities available today. Online affiliate marketing is a very popular trend for people wanting to earn extra money. There are affiliate programs for just about every product that is sold throughout the globe today. Sure, online affiliate marketing was done before the age of the Internet, but today, making a living off promoting other's products and services is faster, more reliable and even better, provides global opportunities.

Remember, you don't have to sell a product or service to be an affiliate marketer. You just have to promote the product or service to others. Placing logos and links on your website is one of the best ways to pay for that website, and if you excel at online affiliate marketing, it will pay for much, much more.
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