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Niche Site Promotion In 3 Easy Steps For Instant Traffic

Jan 15, 2008
So you have finally found a profitable niche, after hours of research and you've created a content based website for it. Or maybe you've worked a couple of weeks to create the ultimate e-book or report, have spent hundreds of dollars on graphic design and thousands on a killer sales letter.

You've clearly done your homework and have developed a small online business with high potential for great success. The only problem is, no matter how good the sales letter, the graphics or content, you won't make a cent if potential customers never get to see your website.

You see in order to make money with your site you need sales. To make sales, you need buyers. You need to promote your website correctly in order to attract buyers to it. The best website in the world would make zero dollars if no one knew about it.

So here are 3 proven steps on promoting your high quality website for instant targeted traffic. These three methods will help you promote your website to people who are willing and able to purchase your products.

Step 1. Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising puts the most control into your hands because YOU decide who sees your ads. This is without doubt the fastest way to get your site in front of thousands of potential customers. While most people use only Google Adwords it would be wise not to ignore Yahoo's Search Marketing or MSN's adCenter. Many internet marketers make this mistake and miss out on tons of top quality, low cost traffic. If you need to get traffic to your website right away then PPC is the way to go.

If you don't have a lot of experience with PPC you should read as much as you can on the subject before spending money. Do a simple search on Google and you'll find tons of free sources that will help you learn how to run an effective PPC campaign. This type of advertising is very powerful, but if done incorrectly can lose you a lot of money. So be careful and make sure you know what you are doing BEFORE you spend money. Read many articles on article directories such as ezinearticles[dot]com and also do a search on Google for perry marshall adwords to learn more about PPC.

While doing PPC you will generate opt-ins, sales and even affiliates from your site this is extremely valuable information so make sure you gather it.

Step 2. Solo Ads

When you have a top quality site, with good conversion rates, buying a solo ad can be the easiest way for instant profit.

A solo ad is an email ad that you write (or hire someone to write it for you) and pay a webmaster with a highly developed subscriber list in your niche, a one time fee to send the ad to the entire list.

This is why it's very important to have conversion data. Let's say that after Step 1, you realized your site has a conversion rate of 5%. This means that if you buy a solo ad for a list with 2000 subscribers, you'll make somewhere around 100 sales. Depending on the price of your product, you can make a very nice profit with practically no extra work on your part.

To find places where to run solo ads, just use Google and search for solo ads, buy solo ads or yourniche + solo ads.

You can also search for sites in your niche that appear in top spots on Google, Yahoo and MSN and have an opt-in form. Contact the webmasters show them your product and offer to pay them in exchange for a solo ad.

Step 3. JV Partners

We've practically started to talk about finding JV partners at the end of step2, but in step 3 we're going to go even further with our proposal.

While solo ads are a great way for generating instant cash, wouldn't it be great if those webmasters would keep promoting your product on their site and to their list on a regular basis? And with no extra effort or cash spent on your part?

It may sound too good to be true but actually it's very achievable. After you run a few solo ads on different lists you should update your conversion information. Be sure to make a small report about this because you'll need it.

All you have to do now is to approach the same or different webmasters and ask them if they'd like to become your affiliate. Give them a high commission percentage, the conversion report, the link to your site, banners, and the e-book or report you are selling.

If you do everything correctly, business owners will be more than happy to become your affiliate and practically do all the work of sending commissions your way.
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Khemal Dole owns and operates http://www.AmpleProducts.com, a completely FREE website which helps many first-timers and even experts find their perfect Work At Home job. Khemal has also written many website promotion books which can be found at http://www.paychecksdirect.com/ebooks.htm
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