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Understanding Why It Is Essential To Use Your Own Domain With Your Blog

Jan 15, 2008
As the owners of a personal or public web site known as a blog, you have built this site through the source of some else's web domain or through your own personal web domain. The location on the web where your particular blog has been built is labeled as a domain and will determine how successful your web site will ultimately be. There is a huge difference between the two scenarios and it is crucial that your blog is created on your own domain.

There exist several explanations of why it is crucial for you to maintain a blog on your own domain and they will be stated in this particular article in no specific order.

If you have a particular blog site that has been built using another person's domain then you must abide by all of their rules and regulations. This greatly restricts your ability to expand, grow, and become a much bigger blogspot for people to visit and enjoy themselves. The main reason that this is a bad thing is because living online under another person's domain will prohibit you from doing everything that you want to do.

The individual who is in charge of maintaining the domain is known as the site administrator. He or she regulates everything that happens on this particular part of the Internet and basically you do not have a lot of control over what happens. If the site goes down unexpectedly, you cannot do much about it except wait for the site administrator to fix the problem.

If you are able to build a blog site using your own personal domain then you will have the capability of doing pretty much whatever you want to do. This fact also gives you more room to move and expand things because you do not have to share it with anyone else. It is yours and you can regulate the domain for what will benefit your blog the best.

The explanation for all of this is similar to the analogy of moving into a new condo or apartment. If you move into an apartment with other roommates, then you have to share the space, arrange times to use the bathroom, watch out for other people's things, and sometimes take the blame for your roommate's actions within the apartment. It is a very difficult and confining situation to deal with when living in an apartment with other people.

Looking at another view of this particular analogy is having and living in your own condo or apartment without any roommates, which is like having your own domain. You do not have to worry about other people destroying the apartment and taking up all of the extra space. There is more than enough room to move around, change things as you like, and make the apartment the best that it can be.

This condominium story and situation is quite similar to the building of your blog site on your own domain. The benefits are endless and will most certainly bring you more online success. It is more professional to have your own domain and will also make your site stand out more to search engines.
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