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Make a Competitor a Joint Venture Partner

Jan 15, 2008
Your competition may be your key to bigger profits. Here are five reasons to partner with your competition:

#1: Your marketing list will double. Consider for a moment what would happen if your opt in list doubled. It would be a pretty big boon, right? I mean instead of 500 people to send your ezine or promotional messages to, you now have 1000. Presumably, your competition has an opt in list that would be beneficial to your business. You should have the same product or service and you have the same target market. Teaming up with your competition to unite opt in lists for a promotion will result in many of your partner's customers joining your list and vice versa. Every purchase made, every newsletter sign up, is a new contact name for you and your future promotions.

#2: Credibility. The general public will perceive you as having more credibility when you partner with another business. If you partner with your competition, your customers and prospects will perceive it as a strategic team. The power of two or more holds much more credibility in the eyes of the public. Additionally, you will be perceived as a good business person because you have the forethought to partner with another business. It gives your prospects faith and respect in you and your business.

#3: Product bundles. If you have products, teaming up with your competition can result in fantastic product bundles to promote to both your list and your partner's list.

#4: If you and your partner have affiliate programs, then a joint venture will result in not only you and your partner making a nice profit on your own, but amplifying those profits with your affiliate network. This is particularly helpful because the affiliates for your partner's network will be interested in and capable of promoting your product bundle, since you're in the same industry.

#5: Product creation. Partnering with a competitor to create products can result in tremendous profits. Depending on your niche, products can range from books and software to seminars and workshops. If you're a personal coach, imagine the marketing power of teaming up with another personal coach and holding an intensive weekend coaching session with your most exclusive clients.

There is enough to go around. When you partner with your competition, you're not limiting your profits, you're boosting them to a whole new level.
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