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Ingredients To Be A Leader In Asia Pacific

Jan 15, 2008
In recent decades, tremendous growth in trade and investment has led to rapid economic development, economic growth, and reduction in poverty in many of the Asian nations, thereby making the Asia Pacific one of the world's most dynamic business regions.

In fact, scores of business opportunities as well as resources are now available here for trade and investment purposes. This in turn has attracted many realities and industries to set up their business here. But, a business could achieve its goal and remain top in the Asia Pacific region only if it has a competent leader to accelerate, coordinate, and deploy resources in such a way to enjoy the full benefits of potentials that the region offers.

In other words, in order to meet globalization challenges and deal with trade competitiveness and develop favorable strategies to enhance business climate, it is necessary that a leader or business executive should have some ingredients to gain success in the Asia Pacific. Discussed further in this article are some of the essential ingredients or qualities that a leader should possess to achieve business goals and attain success in Asia Pacific.

Visibility: A business executive or top level personnel must be approachable and should take advantage of every option to interact with subordinates or co-workers. Likewise, a leader must also be supportive and should help and provide innovative ideas to his subordinates.

Consistency: This means that a leader must stick in only style of leadership from beginning to the end. Further, decisions should be made consistently. Likewise, when dealing with subordinates, a leader must give emphasis only to the issue and not to a particular employee or person. In short, treat all staff equally.

Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence: A leader must be adept and should be able to handle every aspect of an organization. Further, he must have capability to manage his personal emotions and feelings.

Positive: A business executive should necessarily have a positive approach in dealing with the employees as well as several other relevant issues in an organization. Rather than dictating the changes, it would be better if senior personnel and executives could give opportunities to their subordinates to make suggestions for the company development. Some employees may find difficult to freely speak out their suggestions. In such instances, it would be effective to keep a suggestion box or options to collect employee suggestions online.

Ability to Listen: To be successful, an executive should be a good listener, ie he should be able to listen to his subordinates' needs and problems. Ensure your employees that you are willing to pay attention to what they have to say.

Ability to Recognize Employees: Other than salary, perks, and benefits, many employees like to be recognized by their superiors. Hence, whenever an employee performs well he should be praised sincerely. Further, anything in the form of thank you note, or a corporate dinner, or a small gift such as pen must be gifted when an employee does a good job. This is a great way to boost employees.

Communication Skills: This would be prominent of all the ingredients that a leader or executive should possess. A good executive is always a good communicator. A leader should always communicate to his employees as per their requirements. Some people may easily grasp what others say while others may need an elaborate as well as clear discussion in order to understand a particular matter. It is therefore vital from the part of a leader to tailor his message or discussion according to the capacity and needs of the employees.

Responsibility: It is the responsibility of a good leader to oversee the works of his subordinates and guide them in performing their work. Similarly, when an employee commits a mistake, a leader must be able to correct him and that too without showering him with criticism.

Sense of Humor: Apart from these aforesaid traits, a leader must have good sense of humor. In other words, a leader must be able to lighten the pressure within the working environment. This in turn would allow the employees to work in a relaxed atmosphere.

Culturally Adept: Above all, an executive must be culturally adept, since Asia is an assortment of a number of nations with unique culture and heritage.

Nowadays, finding a competent leader or a top level executive is not at all a tedious process, with an array of service providers in the scenario. Many of them boast of a section exclusively to cater to the clients' requirements with regard to executive recruitment.
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