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Search Engine Optimization: What Online Business Owners Need to Know

Jan 15, 2008
Search engine optimization is a calculated process designed to make your website search engine friendly. It also strives to increase your website's ranking for a given set of keywords on a search engine results page. Higher rankings equal more visitors to your website.

Search engine optimization includes both organic search results and pay-per-click ad campaigns. Organic results are the rankings given to a website for different keywords based solely on your website's relevance to the keyword phrase entered. Pay-per-click is a paid sponsorship for chosen keywords. A full-service SEO company will handle both aspects of search engine rankings.

An SEO company will also recreate a website to make it user-friendly. If a website is difficult to navigate or holds no real informational value, visitors will not return and search engines will not find your website worthy of higher ranking.
An SEO company will focus on your website's


*HTML, including meta tags, title and internal links

*Inbound links and the accompanying anchor text

*Outbound links to other relevant websites

*Search engine-friendly site map

*Pay-per-click ad campaign

*RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed capability

*Selected keywords

*Blog development

*Keyword density and placement

*Content frequency

*Website graphics and 'alt' tags

*Sales copy

*Relevant content creation

It is possible for website owners to perform SEO for their own website if they are willing to invest the time required to learn the principles, write the HTML and revise the website. Link building alone can be a complex process, but with enough determination, individual business owners can do it. Quality information about SEO is available on the Internet for those willing to learn. Most online business owners opt for hiring an SEO company to manage their websites' rankings and development. The process may be costly initially, but the increased profit levels that result from higher rankings will pay for the service as long as the company is selling a quality product or service. Public demand must be present for a product or service to sell. Even the best sales copy cannot provide a sustained profit from a poor product or service.

Choosing a reputable SEO company can be challenging. Be sure to research the company, check with former and current clients if possible and ask to speak with a company representative before agreeing to a partnership. A solid SEO company will have client testimonials, professional recommendations and a money-back guarantee. Be sure to understand all aspects of the agreement and what will be expected of you in the SEO process before signing up. Ask about billing procedures and the company's privacy policy as well. You don't want your website or you e-mail address ending up on a third-party spammer's list.

Choose your company carefully and stay informed during the SEO process. Investing in a quality SEO company is money well spent on your online business.
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