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Sales - Does It Have To Be Another Bad Word?

Jan 15, 2008
When you say profit you have to consider what? Well, I'll tell you the first thing that you need to consider is SALES. No Sales, no profit. The sad thing about the Network Marketing industry is they don't focus enough on "developing" this skill. They want to tell you that the product will sell itself. Well, if this were the truth you would not be needed. Even the best products need a little push.

Why Sales Is Important.

Well, this is pretty easy to answer. No Sales equals No Business. This will be the only gauge as to whether your marketing campaign is working or not. Well, you may say that all you have to do is advertise. So what happens when the customer is right on the verge of the purchase and is looking for you to close them out. This is where your sales ability will come in handy. This is where most people lose it. Let's look at the ways to develop this skill.

Cold Calling.

I know most of us don't like doing this at all, but if you're looking to turn profit in your Network Marketing business this must be done. What does this do for your business? Well, first of all it will get you exposure if done correctly. Secondly, this is your time to practice. Determining whether your prospect needs your product or service is of great importance. Getting directly to the point of your call smoothly can be the difference in getting a sale or getting hung up on. One way to make your cold calling not so cold is collecting cards during networking events. This way you can at least use the event as a common ground and an ice breaker. This works well. I can attest to it.

Start off with a script. This will keep you on target with your reason for calling. Please rehearse before you start calling. The last thing you want is to sound like you are actually reading a script.

Have a certain time during the day to make your calls this will make it a habit fairly quickly. Set a number of calls to make. You may just want to start off with two calls per day, and then as you build more confidence add more. Repetition and small goals will eventually expand as confidence increases.

Uncovering the Customers Needs.

"Telling" what your product can do for the prospect immediately may not be the best way to uncover their needs. We must first find out what their needs are then sell the product or service as a solution to their needs. This takes a listening ear to discern exactly where the customer's needs are. Not all prospects will just come out and tell you what their needs are. Use the five W's to discover this (Who, What, When, Where, How). I had a mentor once that used to say FRIENDS FIRST. If you can create a meaningful conversation engaging your prospect's thoughts and ideas you will always have a captive audience. Examples of prospect needs: money, time, better health, tax write-off, etc.

Be the Salesman.

There is no way to teach you how to sell in this article. The topic is too large and varying. Your job now is to become a student of sales. The book "How To Win Friends And Influence People" is a good start. Here you will learn some basics on how people think. If you know the right things to say and when to say them your sales career will blossom. Be a student of sales. Know that your style will differ greatly from others. This is a great thing because people are looking to buy from you not a replica of Donald Trump.
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