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How To Profit From Affiliate Marketing

Jan 15, 2008
Affiliate marketing is a great way to profit from the Internet. It is whereby you promote other people products and get commissions when there is a sales generated from your marketing effort.

Nowadays, so many people are being involved in affiliate marketing, which sometime make it harder for new affiliate marketers to earn a substantial income from this marketing way. Nonetheless, there are some things that you can do to make you stand out from other affiliates, which will increase your affiliate earnings along the way:

1. Do not drive any traffic, drive targeted traffic. Many new affiliates think that by just sending any traffic to a site, there will be sales. In affiliate marketing, the quality of the traffic counts a lot. You need ready buyers to visit your marketing page, so that they are more likely to take action and buy through your page.

2. Do not drive traffic directly to your affiliate sales page. By sending traffic directly to the sales page, other than losing out on the chance to increase the popularity of your website, you will also have a lesser sales conversion rate. Therefore, it is advisable for you to set up a simple website to talk about the affiliate product that you are promoting. You can provide a honest review on your website before taking them to the actual sales page.

3. Have an opt-in list. You need to capture your visitors information such as name and email address. People will usually not buy on their first visit to a website. Therefore, if you do not have an opt-in list that captures their information first, you will lose them forever when they do not buy over at your affiliate sales page.

4. Put in lots of effort. I know that this may sounds a bit too general and common sense, but you may be surprised that there are still a lot of people who think that affiliate marketing is a quick get-rich scheme. There is no such thing as easy money without putting in effort in this world. For affiliate marketing, your aim is to create as many exposures for your affiliate links as possible on the Internet. This require you to always seek out for new marketing strategies, planting links, coming out with creative business strategies, etc. All these require a great deal of determination, discipline, initiative, and of course time and effort.

Although I may put it across that affiliate marketing is a hard work, but you can be sure that once you pay the price, you will definitely reap multiple rewards in the long run.
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Cheow Yu Yuan owns the blog - SingaporeAffiliateMarketing.com, which shares tips on how to use channels such as articles directories and search engines to promote affiliate products.

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